Adam Richards-Gray

Coinschedule Head of Marketing & PR Adam Richards-Gray Shares What He’s Passionate About

We recently interviewed Adam Richards-Gray, Head of Marketing & PR at Coinschedule, a provider of “trusted intelligence” to enable firms to “effectively navigate blockchain and crypto” and make better business decisions. Our conversation with Richards-Gray was mainly focused on what motivates and inspires him to work as a marketing professional in the crypto industry.

CryptoCoreMedia: What motivates you in life?

Adam Richards-Gray: “That’s a good question – when I boil it down there are two key elements that really drive me: doing things that contribute to the wider good but also being the best at whatever it is that I do. Across everything that I’ve done in life, these two factors have always been at the core.

In terms of the first driver, I mean doing things that I believe will make a difference to the people around me and society in general. This has, for the most part, influenced most of my career choices as well as the way that I behave and act day-to-day.

With regards to the second driver, I’m fiercely competitive. The will to win (or the will to avoid losing) has been a key factor throughout my life. At work, yes, but also in other parts of my life, primarily sport where I still compete at a high level despite being north of 40.”

CryptoCoreMedia: How do/did you use your strengths to achieve what you have so far?

Adam Richards-Gray: ”I’ve always brought high energy, proactivity and a strong work ethic to everything that I’ve done – both professionally and outside of work – sometimes to the point of obsession. 

If I decide to do something, I’ll always give it 100% and aim to be the best at it. In addition, I like to think that I’m a people person. I’ve always enjoyed building relationships and this always goes a long way in my view. One thing I’ve learnt is that decision-making is as much about how the decision is reached as the decision itself – taking people ‘on the journey’ with you goes a long way to reaching consensus.

Further, I love learning and have always absorbed information from the people around me – thinking that you’re the finished article is dangerous in my opinion – I’ve always managed to pick up new skills and tips, no matter how small, and over the years this has added a great deal to my armoury.”

CryptoCoreMedia: What do you like most about your line of work? And why are you so passionate about it?

Adam Richards-Gray: “Given its relative infancy, the blockchain/crypto space is an extremely exciting industry to be in – innovative, fast-faced and unpredictable! Having been in traditional financial services for most of my career, moving to CoinSchedule has given me a great opportunity to experience what I see as the new frontier of the sector and, importantly, to be at the heart of it as it develops.

As a marketing professional, getting to grips with a new area, new audiences and a new type of proposition, and applying my knowledge, skill and experience is hugely challenging…but that’s what makes it so interesting and exciting.

As mentioned above, making a difference is important to me – and that’s why CoinSchedule is such a great fit and why I’m so passionate about the work we’re doing here. In a sector where information is fragmented and often unreliable, CoinSchedule’s goal is to provide intelligence that people can trust. This is hugely refreshing and motivating.”

CryptoCoreMedia: Starting from college, how/why did you choose your major? And, then after that, what was your motivation for making the career choices you did?

Adam Richards-Gray: “My undergraduate degree was in Management Studies, which I chose because I’d found business and commerce to be a hugely interesting area during my college education – plus, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do career-wise at that stage, and felt that this course would provide a good general platform.

After finishing the degree, I completed a graduate training programme at a major UK retail bank, but then decided to return to study – to do a Masters degree in Industrial Relations – as I was half lured by an academic career but also felt that I hadn’t quite found my vocation. On completing the Masters, I decided not to go on to study for a PhD, although I had secured a scholarship to do so – but was clear that I wanted to follow a career that added value to society.

I went on to work for a high-profile MP at the UK Parliament before spending six years at the UK’s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). So these roles were very much in line with my outlook. After that, I moved to the private sector but have been careful to choose companies that have an ethos of doing something good for the world around us. And this is why CoinSchedule is such a good fit.”

CryptoCoreMedia: What are the top 3 three characteristics every professional must have to succeed (e.g. hard work, punctuality)?

Adam Richards-Gray: “The first is the ability to think clearly and strategically. This relates to developing compelling marketing strategies in my case – knowing what your organisation wants to achieve and developing a strategy that helps drives success – but also more tactically in terms of being able to interpret a lot of detail and complexity into clear, coherent and deliverable actions.

Energy and drive are also important – once you have a clear strategy, you need to be able to implement it effectively and put in place the underlying plans, processes and structures to support execution. Importantly, this involves bringing people with you and developing key relationships, as effective delivery is very difficult to achieve without this.

Flexibility is also critical. Things will invariably change – that is a fact of professional life (and life generally, of course) – and you need to be able to adapt and respond. It’s also important to be able to adapt to the different personalities around you, while remaining true to your own approach and ethos.”

CryptoCoreMedia: What are your short and long-term goals (personal and professional), and how do they relate to who you are as a person?

Adam Richards-Gray: “From a professional perspective, my only goal is to help make CoinSchedule the go-to brand for trusted blockchain intelligence. It is a great company with highly skilled and experienced people – including our CEO, Alex Buelau – and is striving to make a real difference in this area, in terms of providing consolidated information that people can genuinely trust and rely on to help them make better decisions.

From a personal perspective, my passion is athletics and I’m always looking to bring my 100m and 200m times down! In the short-term, I’m hoping to have a great domestic track season and then a successful European championships in September. It’s difficult to think too long-term in terms of track and field, especially when you get to a certain age – my only hope is that I can still continue to run as the years go by!

In terms of how these relate to who I am as a person… well, I’ll bring it back to the start – I want to contribute to the wider good (CoinSchedule) and be the best at whatever it is that I do (both CoinSchedule and track and field).”

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