Exploring Blockchain Technology in Practice with “Blockchain Weekend”

On February 18-19, a new training course called the Blockchain Weekend started in Digital October Educational Center in Moscow. The Waves Platform and Digital October Center are the main organizers of the event, which counted with the participation of Sasha Ivanov, entrepreneur and founder of the Waves Platform, as lead event curator and courses instructor.

During the weekend workshop, attendees got acquainted with some successful cases of big businesses that are adopting blockchain technology today and how they can begin to do it themselves. This includes the implementation of competitive advantages provided by blockchain tech, business optimization, company development planning for Blockchain integrated companies, and more.

There were also practical workshops where students could touch existing blockchain platforms and hear about legal aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain in Russia and abroad.

The Blockchain Weekend Workshop also focused on informing attendees why businesses are moving to digital money and how blockchain can protect your business in more efficient ways. These include the reduced cost of doing accounting, document managing, and faster and easier transaction processing and record keeping. The two-day course also taught users the meaning of blockchain-focused concepts like smart contracts and distributed databases.

More photos can be found on Digital October facebook page.

Invited speakers:

Constantine Goldshtein – Microsoft Russia Principal Technical Evangelist

Stanislav Polozov – Emercoin Blockchain Implementation Specialist

Alexey Bashlykov – Co-founder at EtherionLab (Ethereum smart contract development)

Dmitry Meshkov – Research Fellow & Scorex Project Developer at IOHK

Elina Sidorenko – Head of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Estimating Cryptocurrency Risk of State Duma of Russian Federation

At the end of the course, the best students received tickets for the BlockShow Europe 2017 conference, to be held on April 6, 2017 in Munich.

The next Blockchain Weekend event will take place on March 18-19. Please follow http://edu.digitaloctober.ru/ to stay up-to-date.