Crypto Wonder Woman | Fahima Marissa Anwar Creating a Legacy

Fahima Marissa Anwar

Blockchain technology has started a revolution that is sweeping across industries, institutions, and traditional boundaries. The revolution is also affecting the dichotomy between gender-biased treatments in the tech industry, as more women are getting into the helm of affairs, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and their multiple use cases. One  such notable woman pioneering the cutting-edge technology in the space is Fahima Marissa Anwar.

Integrating Marketing and Blockchain Technology

Fahima is one of the crypto wonder women who is establishing their presence in the space by creating awareness and a path for others to follow. She is the Director for IVEP and works with Marketing & Communications. She is also the Senior Director of Global Marketing & Communications at Dubtokens, which is a blockchain-based utility token for Interactive Video & Experience ProtocolIt allows users interact with real-time video content with their audience in a specialized manner.

But let’s get back to…

Fahima has more than 8 years experience as a content strategist and is bringing her knowledge and wealth of experience in e-commerce and marketing and blending it into the blockchain technology.

As a content strategist, Fahima truly understands the importance of quality content. The importance of the content reaching its target is also something she always aims for. This is why she shares her marketing knowledge coupled with DubToken’s blockchain solutions with her 3,392 followers on Twitter.

Blockchain Influencer

Fahima artistically blends technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain with her marketing expertise at DubTokens. She is also influencing other women and encouraging a change in the male-dominated crypto and blockchain space by purposefully creating a team that is made up of 90% females at IVEP. This is exactly what the blockchain space needs: more women in the blockchain industry creating a balance and making a difference.

The need to encourage women to be more than moms but super moms has to lead to the creation of spaces where women can encourage each other to grow in all spheres.  Fahima is the founder of one of such spaces, Spark Sessions, Canada’s largest influencer conference. Here, women from different backgrounds and careers can come together, make connections and share their knowledge.

The crypto space is growing and crypto wonder women like Fahima Marissa Anwar is what the crypto space needs. The revolution sweeping across industries should not only affect the traditional industry, but also the gender bias paradigm that has plagued the industry for so long.

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