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Online privacy is a big issue of the modern day. In fact, it might as well be the greatest modern problem that the world is facing. On the one hand, high levels of online privacy could allow bad actors to get away with illegal actions. On the other hand, eliminating it completely violates your right to remain private on the internet.


This dilemma has been raging on for years, sparking countless debates, discussions, arguments, and more. In the end, all kinds of privacy technologies were invented, such as the anonymous Tor browser, which uses the Tor network to keep you anonymous. Then, there are VPNs, proxies, security protocols, online traffic encryptions, private networks, and more.


All of that can help you stay private when browsing the web, but your business and financial transactions are still conducted through the banks. With banks being centralized institutions — every transaction you make can be traced back to you. This was a problem until cryptocurrency and blockchain technology were invented.


How crypto-currencies brought privacy to transactions


As you may know, when Bitcoin emerged, everyone believed it to be private. After all, you can simply make a wallet, store your coins inside, and use it to pay for different things. The trouble is — these transactions can, eventually, be traced back to you. Sooner or later, your wallet will be connected to your accounts, and thus, to your name.


This made Bitcoin pseudonymous instead of anonymous, and people were not satisfied with just that, which eventually led to the creation of privacy coins.


Still, while most privacy coins are rather good, and they can bring a high percentage of anonymity and privacy to the user — they are not perfect. Most of them have the disadvantage of the first mover, meaning that their technologies were considered great at the time of their developments — but their design was found to be flawed after a time.


Luckily, the discovery of these flaws allowed developers to learn from them, and to create the ultimate privacy coin — at least by today’s standards. This is how PirateChain (ARRR) came to be.


What is the Pirate Chain?


Pirate is the first truly private, decentralized blockchain, which allows you to use its cryptocurrency — ARRR — without each of your transaction being traced back to you.


This brings a number of different benefits, especially when it comes to your personal security, or the ability to do business without different third parties (like the banks, governments, the IRS, and alike) looking over your shoulder the entire time. When you make private and anonymous transactions with Pirate, no one knows what amount of money you had sent, where the money ended up going, and other transaction details.


The only entities involved in the entire process are you and the person you sent the crypto to. In other words, you can do business without your competition tracking your every move; you can make online payments and purchases anonymously, and you don’t have to worry about every step you take being recorded somewhere.


With PirateChain — you do not have to make compromises. You get full financial privacy, while blockchain explorers show nothing. They are pretty much useless against this blockchain and its coin.


How did Pirate achieve 100% Privacy?


Pirate’s developers came to an idea to use Zcash algorithm with a sapling only implementation making the trusted setup nearly impossible to comprise with people’s theorys of collusion these days. As mentioned, some projects that predate Pirate still have pretty good privacy technology, and Zcash is definitely high on the list. Unfortunately Zcash still compromises Transparent addresses for some weak reasons in this authors opinion. 


However, the difference between the two is that Pirate does not compromise the safety of its users for any reason. All of its transactions are fully shielded, which is something that Zcash does not do. Zcash allows you to add extra security to your transactions if you want to do so. Pirate coin adds privacy by default.


In other words, you don’t need to dig through the settings to figure out how to make your cryptocurrency transactions more secure — all the blockchain security you could ever need is already built into Pirate by default. {If you would like to go a step further it even has the option for TOR connection in the wallet.}  This makes matters a lot simpler for those who are not as tech-savvy, and who simply wish to remain anonymous and secure when making payments. And, since you don’t have to spend time learning about this privacy blockchain technology — your finanacial focus can remain on your business dealings.




Most Pirates believe that the only person that needs to know your business is you, yourself. This is why these prates take your privacy very seriously, and why it is the first and only 100% private blockchain in the world, at this time.

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