GameCredits Announces ICO for MobileGo

GameCredits has recently announced the crowdfunding campaign for MobileGo, a dual-blockchain token that will “gamify” the GameCredits Mobile Store. The crowdfunding campaign, which will take place around April this year, will help fund the development and marketing of the platform, which currently has over 300 games from 150 different developers although the company estimates that 1000 games will be available for play sometime in mid to late 2017.

The MobileGo token will be the first dual-blockchain asset ever issued, as users will be able to transfer it seamlessly between the Ethereum and Waves blockchain. This is achieved by using locked wallets and smart contracts. Dual issuance adds multiple advantages to the token, which can now be used to implement decentralized features on the Moblie platform through Ethereum and Waves. GameCredits Inc will issue 100 million tokens, 70 Million of which will be distributed during the crowdsale. MobileGo Tokens will be available for BTC, ETH, WAVES, and GAME.

The purpose of the MobileGo token is to help make the platform highly interactive and rewarding. Gamers will have their profile tied to a social status based on games played, referrals and social interaction. This status will unlock MobileGo rewards for the user. The platform will also have a number of tournaments that will allow players to “test their steel” against one another.

Tournaments can be both centralized or decentralized. The latter will allow the users to set up and run their own MMO tournaments with no middleman provided they have MobileGo tokens, which is the only currency that can be wagered in these. In turn, centralized tournaments will be run through the game developers as a means of promoting their game.

Developers benefit as much from this platform as gamers themselves do. In the current mobile gaming scenario, game developers have to pay up to 30% of their revenues to platforms like Google Play and Apple Store. The GameCredits Mobile Store will in turn charge 10%. Not only that, but payouts are also quicker as are the addition of new releases to the platform as it allows for a quick and easy integration of SDKs.

Holding the MobileGo token also brings multiple advantages to the players. They are rewarded with discounts when using GameCredits to purchase in-game items, getting free entrance into VIP gaming tournaments and private beta tests of some releases in the store. MobileGo holders will also receive in-game coupons and rewards.

GameCredits Inc will also use a percentage of the profits generated by the platform to run a buyback program, meaning MobileGo tokens will be bought from exchanges and burnt to further increase their scarcity.

The platform will have multiple forms of payment including credit cards, GameCredits, and local payment methods. However, users are incentivized to pay with GAME, thus creating another powerful use case for cryptocurrencies! To learn more about MobileGo visit the official website or read the whitepaper.