GameCredits | New Payment Gateway for the Gaming Industry

Nowadays, gaming is a big part of our lives. Games (in moderation) help our cognitive skills, motivation, and they even helps us learn other languages as kids.. However, no matter how hard we play, something’s always missing. Our achievements cannot be “transported” into the real world or other games. A new generation of games known as “freemium” games allow us to do the opposite, however. We can transfer our real-world money into the game to help us achieve goals, collect items, and so on, but the opposite is not possible.

With this in mind, GameCredits (GAME) was created. GameCredits is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency based on the popular Scrypt algorithm, the same used by Litecoin. Its aim is to serve as a universal in-game currency that can be used in multiple online games, allowing users to transfer coins between different games and to export said coins into the real world to be sold for fiat or other cryptos.

This system allows users to have higher deposit limits and a wider variety of deposit methods. Furthermore, in game purchases are safe from theft and fraud. GAME coins also protect your privacy, allowing you to make anonymous transfers between games. Gamecredits’ value proposition is based on the demand for universal in-game money. As more games adopt this system, more people will buy Gamecredits as a means to acquire in-game items, characters, bonuses, etc… which means that Gamecredits users can also benefit from an increased value on their game holdings.

Game developers also benefit since Gamecredits provides a plug-and-play solution that simplifies the process of creating an in-game monetary system. Since GAME can be used in multiple games, players have an higher incentive to purchase these coins without fear of wasting money in something that will not be used. As your gaming taste changes, Gamecredits can move with you into your new favorite game. They can also be sent as a gift to another player in another game.

Furthermore, game developers also benefit from faster processing times and higher deposit limits, fraud and chargeback protection and cross-promotion in other games. They also get to skip overhead middleman fees through Gamecredits decentralized nature that relies on miners to process transactions.

Last year, the developers announced that GameCredits would be used in the popular MMORPG Fragoria which has over eight million users. The integration took place on the 7th of December. This year, Gamecredits has plans to be integrated into thousands of games.

Most recently, GameCredits Inc. has also partnered with Datcroft Games Ltd. to deliver blockchain based in-game monetization to the mass market gaming industry. Datcroft has over 12 million registered users across their seven games, which are localized into 15 languages.

Although GameCredits does not offer any breakthrough in terms of technological advancements, it’s an extremely useful system that is creating a popular use-case for cryptocurrencies by introducing the gaming community to the world of digital coins.