Gladius | How blockchain technology can help mitigate DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are an increasing reality of operating businesses with an online presence. The attacks are costing great amounts of money and loss in consumer trust. A study published by Neustar Research has found that 43% of organizations affected by a DDoS attack saw an average of $250,000 revenue loss per hour.

The crypto industry doesn’t escape these attacks. News websites, mining pools, and even exchanges are being targeted. Kraken went down for one hour on May 8 leading to huge trader losses. During this time Poloniex has also been the target of severe DDoS leaving users unable to trade and consequently outraged by the situation. The events on both exchanges have even led to the exchanges being scrutinized by law firm Berns Weiss LLP.

Enter Gladius, a decentralized network that protects websites against DDoS attacks and accelerates content delivery through a novel Content Delivery Network (CDN). In order to achieve these goals, Gladius will leverage pools of users that provide their idle or unused bandwidth to help mitigate DDoS attacks and participate in a global CDN. The whitepaper reads:

“Gladius’ mission is to negate the harm brought by new vulnerabilities and take advantage of the same style of a decentralized network that attackers have long used. Gladius is concerned primarily with protection from DDoS attackers and the implementation of a high-quality CDN.”

To make this possible, Gladius will enable everyone that wishes to rent their unused bandwidth to contribute in the network by installing their software which will then run on the background, turning the user into a node that handles requests to validate website connections and block and malicious activity.

Each request validated the Gladius system allows users to earn Gladius Tokens (GLA), an Ethereum-based token that acts as the settlement currency for the platform. The rewards are financed by websites that subscribe for protection. By allowing webmasters to pay directly with GLA, these are able to skip middleman fees and complications.

Gladius nodes will also provide a Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to webmasters willing to buy them, allowing nodes to earn GLA rewards for CDN services as well. The decentralized nature of Gladius Network allows for faster times as the clients will be connected to several nearby nodes instead of connecting to a far-away datacenter.

The pay per use nature of Gladius allows websites to save thousands on DDoS subscription services that go mostly unused and also to accelerate their content delivery. This also enables websites that couldn’t afford adequate protection to purchase services that perfectly fit their budget. All this while enabling users with idle connections to earn a revenue stream while protecting and accelerating websites all over the world.