Trading Knowledge on Graphpath ’s Knowledge Marketplace

GraphPath Creates Another Application of Blockchain

Some days ago we covered how Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain were two hot areas and how a cryptocurrency project was coming out with a product based on both technologies. This time we discuss GraphPath and their knowledge marketplace. With their “knowledge graphs-as-a-service platform” and the Graph operating system (graphics), businesses in the industry can trade data with each other.

Making a Knowledge Marketplace Possible

As mentioned in the introduction, this knowledge marketplace is facilitated by GraphPath’s “knowledge graph-as-a service platform and the GraphOS. Before we go into the details of what these two are, let’s first understand what is meant by knowledge graphs.

In simple terms, a knowledge graph is a network of data and how they interrelate with each other. A well-known example is Google’s knowledge graph which is very useful for its search engine.

Now, GraphPath created Knowledge Graphs-as-a-Service (KGaaS) platform to help companies benefit even more from the knowledge graphs they have created using their own data and resources. Having knowledge graphs from organizations in one industry interconnected, managed and developed by GraphPath’s Knowledge-as-a-Service platform makes it easier to create the knowledge graphs and also gives the participating entities a chance to get value for their knowledge.

Graph Operating System

The Graph Operating System or GraphOS for short puts the knowledge graphs service spoken about on a blockchain. The secure and decentralized nature of blockchains is a benefit of having the network of knowledge graphs on a blockchain.

Another is that participants and contributors to the system would be able to execute trades of resources such as data and code on the network. The GraphOS protocol which would govern the smart contract enabled GraphOS blockchain would make this trade of knowledge assets possible.

The Graph operating system would also be a completely open source project.

Experienced Team, GraphOS Consortium

The GraphPath team is a solid one with experienced members. Damian Bellumio, Martin Enriquez, and Gustavo Arjones make up the leadership team. All three have experience in running a number of organizations including those with work related to what GraphPath seeks to achieve. For instance, Damian Bellumio, the Founder and CEO worked as COO of Senzari Inc. where the focus was on media issues related to graph computing. Enriquez also co-founded Socialmetrix, a company recently acquired by GraphPath. Socialmetrix was into social media listening and analytics.

The list of advisors and investors also features individuals playing roles in organizations that have long been involved in related fields. Hans-Christian Boos, for instance, is currently the CEO of Arago AG, a company that is focused on replacing human labor with automated jobs in the information technology sector. His wealth of experience is the field of Artificial intelligence would come in handy for the GraphPath team.

GraphOS consortium is one of the efforts being made towards the creation of an ecosystem around the service GraphPath wants to provide. This community to be built around the technology would be made up of various stakeholders who would be playing different roles towards the advancement of the technology.

It is also worth noting that GraphPath as a company has been in existence for roughly a year. It is an offshoot of Auken Labs which has done lots of work in the field of Artificial Intelligence over the years.

This is yet another case of blockchain technology being used to bring about important improvements in a particular industry. Proof that beyond the buzz, there is real work being done.