Performing Cryptos

How Top 10 Cryptos Fared Last Week

With the exception of Market leader Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash, all the top 10 cryptocurrencies had a rough week. The above-mentioned entities primarily enjoyed the week with admirable gains.

There seemed to have been a sellout of altcoins in general as many tumbled down their gains. Top 10 also witnessed some casualties as IOTA was pushed below the elite rank.

Top Gainers

Irrespective of the upcoming Bitcoin Network Hard Fork slated for November 16, Satoshi Nakamoto’s handiwork continued on an upward trend throughout the week. The most valuable Cryptocurrency in the world made significant gains to post a weekly growth of 26.94 percent and an all-time high price.

Expert analysis indicates that many people are buying in an expectation of getting free coins after the fork. There were also talks of CME Group announcing it will list BTC by the end of the year as another influence.

At the time of filing this report on Sunday 19:00 GMT, its price was $7555.11. In fact, it was also up 2.78 percentage points in the day.

One Crypto that made significant gains to be the 2nd most growing digital asset for the week was Ethereum Classic despite its recent losses. It rose splendidly by 25.24 percent and lies at the bottom of top 10.

Most inspiringly, the radioactivity of Ethereum’s Hard Fork 24 hour gain was a mountainous 12.55 percent. This will definitely bring smiles on the faces of the holders of the decentralized Smart Contract platform and exchanges were selling it at $13.67.

The new kid on the block and the number three digital currency, Bitcoin Cash did not disappoint its community with another respectable weekly growth rate. With an upward adjustment of 23.65 for the week, but lost 7.23 percent on Sunday.

It could be purchased for $582.78. In all indications, BCH has shown that it has come to stay and offer a choice to the burgeoning global cryptocurrency family.

Biggest Losers 

New Economic Movement (NEM), recorded the largest casualty of the week. It shed 16.22 and 4.55 percent in the week and day respectively. That is really a terrible week for NEM holders.

NEO recorded the 2nd highest slide with a decline of 5.39 percent. For the day it went down 1.90 percent to sell at  $26.59. As a matter of fact, it is the 7th most expensive Crypto.

Next in line was Dash which threw away 3.90 percent in the week and 1.20 percent for the day. At number six, it has been struggling to find its feet throughout the week as its current price of $272.36 was way over $300 the previous week.

King of Smart Contracts, Ethereum was listed among the losers of the week as it dissipated 3.27 percent with a selling rate of $297.34. For the day it sank 0.81 percent.

It was all red for Litecoin which is sitting at number 5 and lost 2.90 percent. Its price was $54.87 and also lost -1.38% on the day. It was a slightly a bad week for the silver of Cryptocurrency.

Staying put at number 9, Monero succumbed 1.97 percent for the whole week with a day gain of -0.33%. The anon Crypto was valued at $86.83.

Moreover, the Bank Remittance Digital currency, Ripple maintained its 4th position, however, it experienced a downward drift of 0.24 percent. Then again it dropped 1.09% on the daily base to have a market price of $0.202517 to bring the list to an end.