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Indian Women now Bigger Cryptocurrency Investors than Men

It is generally believed that the cryptocurrency sector, just like most other tech-related sector is dominated by men. Whilst this might be absolutely true in western countries, the same cannot be said about one of the most populous countries on earth, India. Contrary to popular belief, Indian women are major cryptocurrency investors, perhaps more so than Indian men. Coming from a third world country, this appears quite difficult to believe. There are, however, facts that support this claim.

Indian Female Cryptocurrency Investors put in Double of what Men Invest in Cryptocurrency

In a survey that was carried out by an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Buycoin, it was observed that although more men invested in cryptocurrency, the fewer Indian women that invested in cryptocurrency put in more money than the men did. In a research in which more than 60,000 people were interviewed between the months of March and June, it was discovered by Buycoin that women in India invested about double the amount of money invested by Indian men in cryptocurrency. Facts have it that the average amount that was invested in cryptocurrency by Indian women between the months of March and June was $2,000. This amount is double the amount that was averagely invested in cryptocurrency by men living in India.

Why Indian Women are Bigger Cryptocurrency Investors than Men

Women in India putting in more money into cryptocurrency as compared to Indian men might be a break from the norm.  In spite of this, it is a fact that is yet to be altered. This occurrence has made lots of crypto enthusiast wonder what the reason for the higher number of female investors in cryptocurrency is. Well, the reason is very simple.

In India, most women that buy or trade cryptocurrency are above the age of 40. This might seem a little insignificant, irrespective of that, it has very pronounced implications. Most of these women age 40 and above are high income earners and have quite a level of financial stability. This means they are able to put in more money into investing in cryptocurrency. Unlike Indian female cryptocurrency investors, men living in India that are into the buying and selling of cryptocurrency usually start investing in cryptocurrency from the age of 30. Now, the fact that men that live in India started investing in cryptocurrency from age 30 means there are more men with cryptocurrency investments. However, unlike the women, a lot of these men started investing in cryptocurrency when they are not yet high earners, thereby, bring about a lower investment as compared to Indian women.

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