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Stacy Herbert | One of the most influential women in Blockchain

Most Influential Women in Blockchain

Not many people are aware of the fact that there are lots of influential women in blockchain. To a vast majority of people, they believe that blockchain is a world set aside for male folks only. Well, irrespective of what a lot of people think, there are quite a number of successful and influential women in blockchain, some of them being as highly ranked as the 32nd position out of a hundred most influential people in blockchain – according to Richtopia.

Stacy Herbert is one of the most influential women in blockchain and currently occupies the 32nd position on the list of the 100 most influential people in blockchain. As the third most influential woman in blockchain per Richtopia, Stacy is one woman that every female cryptocurrency devotee should know a little about and connect with.

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Who is Stacy Herbert- One of the most influential women in blockchain

Born on the 12 of March, 1968, in Huntington, New York, United States, Stacy Herbert is a producer, television presenter, director and CEO of StartCOIN Holdings Limited, a crowd funding company which is based on blockchain, one of the most influential women in blockchain, and the CEO of Heisenberg Capital, a non-public equity fund which is the significant partner of StartCOIN Holdings. As a movie producer, Stacy co-produced Popetown, a cartoon series that was promoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Although the movie, Popetown was excellently produced, it never got released because of concerns that it was going to offend Catholics. She is also associated with some other movies. Among them are The Companion (1994), People and Power (2007), and The Dave Saint Show (2000)

The Keiser Report

Stacy Herbert alongside her husband, Max Keiser is hosts of the Keiser Report, a monetary news and evaluation program that is aired on RT UK. This program is the pioneer international monetary news shows which made viewers aware of the existence and value of Bitcoin when it was not yet up to $3. The Keiser report was first aired in September, 2009 and has been running ever since. This program is divided into two parts and is a program that focuses on lots of financial issues.

Investor in Bitcoin

Apart from being one of the most influential women in blockchain, she is also a producer and television presenter, and an investor in Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, she, alongside her husband invested in Bitcoins when it was relatively unpopular. Also, she is the pioneer of quite a number of Bitcoin start-ups. Some of them include Bitpay, Unocoin, Factom, Uphold, Kraken, and Shapeshift. Stacy’s early investment in Bitcoin has not only positively affected her net worth, but has also given her a place on the list of the most influential women in blockchain and the entire blockchain sector at large.