Interview: Mark van Rijmenam, Renowned Blockchain, AI, Big Data International Public Speaker

Mark van Rijmenam, the Founder of Datafloq and a highly sought-after international public speaker, recently shared his views and insights about the blockchain space and his personal motivations – exclusively with CryptoCoreMedia. 

CryptoCoreMedia: What motivates you in life?

Mark: “I aim to work on projects that can have a positive impact on society. Especially, because I believe in sustainable, social and economic responsibility when doing business or creating companies.”

 CCMedia: How do/did you use your strengths to achieve what you have so far?

Mark: “A lot of discipline, focus, perseverance and a positive attitude enables me to achieve my goals. Whether this was cycling around Australia on a push bike in 100 days, completing my PhD in three years or building a company.”

CCMedia: What do you like most about your line of work? And why are you so passionate about it?

Mark: “There are multiple things that I like in my line of work. As a keynote speaker, I enjoy inspiring others in how technologies are changing organizations and to help organizations prepare for the data-driven future. Whenever I help companies, I enjoy providing them with the tools to understand the fast-changing world.

In addition, I am an entrepreneur with a drive for (disruptive) innovation and to make a difference and inspire others. My aim is to be a catalyst for global innovation and to enable organizations and societies to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

CCMedia: How does it feel to be in a position where you can give back to the community?

Mark: “It is a very rewarding and I feel privileged that I can give back to the community by sharing my knowledge and understanding of this fast-changing world. I believe we live in exponential times and to understand the effect of that on what it means to be human and on building organizations you need to be able to think exponentially. 

The world of tomorrow will look like fundamentally different from today and it is up to organizations to work with the right people who can tell them how. I enjoy giving back to individuals and companies by explaining how I think the world will change.”

CCMedia: Starting from college, how/why did you choose your major? And, then after that, what was your motivation for making the career choices you did?

Mark: “I have a bachelor’s in hospitality management, a Master of Science in Marketing Management and I just completed a PhD in Management on how Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are changing organisations. I have always followed my dreams and I try to only do those things that I truly enjoy. Therefore, there is no clear path in my career, instead I just follow my dreams and passions.”

CCMedia: As a professional, what challenges do you think you learned from the most (both personal and business)?

 Mark: “Whenever something does not work or go as you expect it, it challenges you to think differently. To review your knowledge and look at it from a different perspective. That is an extremely valuable exercise as it brings you a lot further than when things work directly (although that might not feel like that in the beginning). 

Both in my personal and professional life, whenever I had to change my perspective it brought me further than I had anticipated.”

 CCMedia: What are the top 3 three characteristics every professional must have to succeed (e.g. hard work, punctuality)?

Mark: ”To succeed as a professional, I believe that everyone should have perseverance, focus and discipline if you want to achieve something. You need flexibility as always sticking to your plan does not help you and finally, a dose of positive attitude will help you when the going gets tough.”

CCMedia: What are your short and long-term goals (personal and professional), and how do they relate to who you are as a person?

Mark: “Currently, I am predominantly focused on building my companies – Datafloq and Imagjn. With Imagjn, we aim to disrupt the academic publishing world and to make scientific knowledge truly open and freely available for everyone. Together with inspiring organizations to prepare for the exponential times we live in, that keeps me sufficiently busy for the coming years.”

Biography: Mark van Rijmenam is Founder of Datafloq. He is a highly sought-after international public speaker, a Big Data and Blockchain strategist and author of the best-selling book Think Bigger – Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business. He is co-author of the book Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World, which details how blockchain can be used for social good. His third book, The Organisation of Tomorrow, will be published in Q1 2019. 

He is named a global top 10 Big Data influencer and one of the most influential Blockchain people. He has just completed a PhD at University of Technology, Sydney on how organizations should deal with Big Data, Blockchain and (Responsible) AI and he is a faculty member of the Blockchain Research Institute in Canada. He is a strategic advisor to several blockchain startups and publisher of the ‘f(x) = ex‘ newsletter read by thousands of executives.

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