Ionomy | Gaming Platform with Built-in Cryptocurrency

Ionomy – Crypto-Platform Designed for Gamers

Ionomy is a gaming platform developed by ionomy studios that integrates its own cryptocurrency called ION, which was released in 2016. 5 million ION were distributed to investors via an initial coin offering (ICO), 3.4 million ION were set aside as rewards for playing games on the platform, and 2.5 million coins are set aside for ION development.

ION uses a proof-of-stake (POS) algorithm similar to Transfercoin, where users receive freshly minted coins for participating in maintaining and securing the network by keeping their wallet open and online. Eventually, through staking, there will be a maximum of 55 million ION. Currently, there are over 20 million ION in circulation, and with a price per coin of $2.70 this yields a market cap of $56 million. This is in the top 200 market caps out of the thousands of different cryptocurrencies; combined with daily trading volume of nearly $1 million, this indicates ION is widely used and important to know about if you are a crypto lover, investor, or trader.

Earn Crypto by Playing Games

Users can earn ION by playing games created by Ionomy studios; there are certain items in the games like diamonds which can be traded for ION. There are weekly tournaments and special prizes paid in ION. These ION rewards can be used to buy in-game items at a 50% discount, or they can be cashed out for Bitcoin on the platform’s multi-currency exchange.

Game developers can use the studio’s PWR-GRD platform to build games from scratch which integrate the ION currency, so they can sell in-game items in exchange for ION and incentivize game play by including items in their game that users can collect and trade-in for ION. Additionally, developers can request crowdfunding through PWR-GRD to get money to pay for game development. Once their game is up and running, they can easily implement advertising with PWR-GRD. It is clear that PWR-GRD gives developers essential tools for creating a high quality profitable game that has its own built-in cryptocurrency.

Incentive to Play Even More

Adding a monetary aspect to a game has the potential to massively increase its popularity. People with free time will play since they can have fun and earn cryptocurrency at the same time. Therefore, the usage of ionomy games is likely to increase in the future, and since the price of ION is intimately tied to game usage through providing a 50% discount on in-game items, the price of ION will probably rise in the long term.

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