IOTA Brokers Biggest Partnership With F6S

IOTA, the Business to Business Blockchain has brokered their biggest partnership ever with F6S, the world’s largest platform for founders, start-ups and accelerators. The deal is directed at bringing the IOTA Ecosystem Fund to the F6S vast network and community with over 2 Million start-ups and developers, with particular focus on Internet-of-Things

In May, IOTA launched its Ecosystem Fund which has so far received more than 100 applications already. Following that the monetary size of the fund has expanded its fold in combination with the growth of IOTA.

IOTA’s Expectations 

Speaking to Core Media after the signing of the partnership, IOTA’s co-founder, David Sønstebø, explained that F6S has recently started focusing very intensively on Internet of Things, so the overlap was natural. When Core asked him about his outfit’s expectation with the deal, this is what he said:

“We are expecting them to bring awareness to the ecosystem fund and communicate our vision. They see IOTA as an IoT pioneer, so they are happy with us using their platform without any kind of deal, so we aren’t offering them anything other than a cool project on their platform.”

The co-founder believes the deal will open IOTA’s platform to the F6S  two million users, over 600 000 start-ups and 12 000 accelerator type programs. “It is a huge pool of people who will be exposed to this, which will result in immense growth and innovation on top of IOTA,” he stated.

In fact, they anticipate that through the collaboration, IOTA’s ecosystem and community will grow significantly, and also boost adoption from start-ups and founders that can benefit greatly from exploring and implementing the new opportunities that the IOTA platform provides.

Both Parties Are Excited

David related to Core that the IOTA community is very upbeat about clinching such a deal.  “We are naturally very excited about this partnership and look forward to the results of having a whole new passionate community merge with our own,” he expressed.

In a statement published on the IOTA’s Blog, F6S co-founder Matt Philippe stated how he is also excited about the marriage between the two entities. Matt reiterated how decentralised and trustless systems have the potential to disrupt the world we live in today.

“The IOTA protocol is an infrastructure that will shape the way developers build new IoT technology all the way through to innovative services within the sharing economy,” he declared.

“F6S’ mission is to support the growth of tech founders and we’re extremely excited to be partnering with IOTA to help developers leverage their platform and provide a launchpad for this groundbreaking technology.”