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Is Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency the Future of Smartphones?

It is common knowledge that in recent times, there has been a slowdown in the level of innovation that is experienced in the mobile phone industry. While this apparent slowdown in innovation does not appear to be picking up momentum any time soon, HTC has got some plans to end the perceived absence of innovation in smartphones. This plan is one that will take advantage of Blockchain technology in making a smartphone which will be known as HTC Exodus. Although the fact that this phone will be pro-cryptocurrency and will be enabled to serve as a node for making and receiving cryptocurrency payments, the more interesting thing is the fact that this phone can be paid for in cryptocurrency.

In as much as this phone is yet to be released, plans are already underway to make it a reality. At the Consensus 2018 cryptocurrency conference that took place in New York, HTC made known its plan for the next generation of smartphones. It also explained how Blockchain technology will be taken advantage of to provide support for digital currencies.

HTC’s Vision for the Next Generation of Smartphones

According to the Taiwanese mobile phone giant, its vision for the next smart phone generation is to grow the Blockchain system. It intends to do this by designing the world’s premier phone that is devoted to applications and security that are decentralized. This simply implies that the HTC exodus will be an ideal phone for individuals that are keen on keeping their phone activities very private.

About the HTC Exodus

The HTC exodus is not just a smartphone; it is the world’s first Blockchain Smartphone. The Taiwanese phone giant is devoting its time to ensure that consumers can perfectly manage their files. This includes having total control over browsing history, assets, emails, wallets, messaging, identity, etc. As it stands, it is yet to be revealed what this phone will look like. Both the images of this phone and its price are yet to be revealed to the public.

How will the HTC Exodus make Use of Blockchain technology

This phone is expected to highlight a native cryptocurrency wallet. With this cryptocurrency wallet, users of this phone can both accept as well as make cryptocurrency payments. This is possible because this phone plays the role of a node, thereby, allowing cryptocurrency trading. In addition to enabling the transfer of cryptocurrencies, this phone will also permit the use of decentralized apps through its hardware. HTC exodus claims that this decentralized app offers more security when compared to regular apps.

The HTC Exodus smartphone might be considered by HTC to be the best thing to happen to the world of smartphones in a long while. It is believed by lots of people that the claims to produce a phone that will take advantage of Blockchain technology is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

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