IwToken | Bringing Ease-of-use and Interoperability To Crypto

The IwToken ICO will allow participants to be part of one of the first global crypto-services network, featuring a wide range of technologies that aim to bring crypto onto the mainstream stage.

Although cryptocurrencies are beginning to gain traction amongst traditional investors and users, there is still a lot to be done when it comes to ease-of-use and interoperability. Crypto supporters often find themselves paying extra fees or having to exchange their coins due to this same problem, something that may keep actual users away.

Focused on making cryptocurrencies a part of users’ everyday lives, the IwToken plans to create an ecosystem comprised of integrated services and technologies, universal wallet, an ATM network, and more, allowing several cryptos to be used in a wide range of use cases. The white paper reads:

“We highly believe cryptocurrencies will keep gaining the place they deserve and start to be used more frequently, for everyday transactions all across the world, used just as a payment for a service like buying something at a supermarket, making a high net worth transaction between two entities or just for sending some money from you to a friend or a family member who might be in another city.”

Starting with the feature that gave IwToken its name, the integrative wallet will allow its users to hold all available cryptocurrencies/tokens in the space providing encrypted json files for the users’ private keys blocking off any attack vectors that could be opened up to cyber criminals or to the wallet creators themselves.

The wallet UI will be intuitive, acting as a gateway for nontechnical users and it will be configurable to only show the desired tokens or additional features. There are also plans for a mobile wallet. Further down the line, IwToken will also feature a configurable options menu for card security which brings us to the second product by the IwToken project, the Integrative Cards.

The IwToken cards are just like any other debit card, allowing the user to purchase items and services on or offline. However, these debit cards allow the user to spend any cryptocurrency, automatically converting it into fiat and transferring it to merchant. The fees charged by the card are used to pay transaction costs and to be distributed throughout token holders.

Lastly, the IwToken ATMs will allow users to interact with cryptos on the go, making quick fiat withdrawals or crypto purchases simple and affordable. These ATMs are intended to be distributed globally throughout a network of shop owners.

All of these services come together to form the IwToken ecosystem, whose token represents a share in the ecosystem itself. Profits made from the fees charged are distributed to token holders, further motivating them to spread awareness and to contribute to the project on a personal level. The IWT can be acquired in the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will take place on the the 31st of August at 13:00 UTC and finish the 28th of September at 13:00 UTC.

To learn more about IwToken or to participate in the upcoming ICO, visit the official website.

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