Jackson Palmer

Jackson Palmer Threatened by Ripple Community

About Jackson Palmer

Jackson Palmer is the creator of Dogecoin and also one of the most respected people in the crypto community. Sadly, he was threatened by some Ripple community members. They also threatened to sue him for saying that the XRP token is heavily centralized. Let’s have a look at this episode in detail.

Jackson Palmer is the creator of Dogecoin – which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to date. He is passionate about creating things, but not greedy for money or power like many others in the crypto space. He created Dogecoin but when politics took over the project, he immediately gave up the project to the community and moved on.

Jackson Palmer is also giving people free education on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology using his Youtube channel. Palmer fearlessly exposes scams and frauds in the crypto space. He wants a clean crypto community without any scams or frauds. He also recently exposed Rhett Creighton – “The Serial Forker” by making his original name public and exposing how he scammed people with multiple forks to enrich himself.

Website On Decentralization

arewedecentralizedyet.com is run by Jackson. The website shows how decentralized different cryptocurrencies are based on the number of public nodes, % of the money held by Top 100 accounts, # of entities having control of 50% of hash power amongst other metrics. With this information, one can tell if a certain coin is decentralized or not.

The website is backed by solid proof and information taken directly from the source. For example, for Bitcoin, the top 100 rich list is taken directly from Bitcoin info charts that have been sourced from block explorer. The mining power is taken directly from the pools section in  blockchain.info website. So there is no way this information will be wrong since everything is backed by solid proof. One can click each metric for the source used.

Toxic Ripple Community Threatening Palmer

Palmer admitted that he was planning to shut down his website since he doesn’t have the energy deal with the ridiculous Ripple/XRP community. He also mentioned Ripple community as a “Toxic dumpster fire of a community”. Below is his tweet.


This is a neutral academic project. Yet, the Ripple community is trying to interfere and attack the person bringing out the truth. Jackson Palmer is a busy man and he doesn’t have the patience and energy to deal with this Ripple community. There were also tweets from the Ripple community that threatened to take “legal action” against him for “Slander”.

There was huge support for his tweet from his faithful followers. Many volunteered to take the website forward and asked him not to shut down. Later, he made up his mind and decided not to shutdown and accepted to allow someone else take over and maintain it.


He made it very clear that all the information is sourced from Github and is really simple to understand. He also mentioned that he was called names by the community. Below is a tweet from him on the issue.


Personal attacks against a highly respected personality in crypto space for exposing the truth is really wrong on the part of the members of the Ripple community. If they want to prove him wrong, then they need to provide the facts and prove that his claims are wrong, instead of attacking him or threatening to sue him.