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Jeffrey Wilcke – Ethereum Co-Founder

Ethereum’s three musketeers includes Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke. The co-founders created the Ethereum blockchain which has now become a popular platform for blockchain startups looking to launch Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Ethereum as a blockchain platform came to prominence thanks to its versatile smart contracts.

A graduate of HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht), Jeffrey has worked in a number of organizations before becoming fully committed to Ethereum. Some of these include Noxa, Agile Pandas and Study Flow. Of course, he usually worked as a programmer in these places.

Building DApps on Ethereum

Jeffrey Wilcke, a Dutch programmer, built the Ethereum blockchain using the Go programming language. The Ethereum blockchain is popular because, unlike the bitcoin blockchain, it functions as a platform for programmers versed in the fundamental languages to build next-generation decentralized applications on its blockchain. Since 2013, when Jeffrey started working on the Ethereum blockchain application using Go, he has remained the Go Team Lead for the project.

In the early days, as far back as 2013, when work on the Ethereum blockchain project started, Jeffrey was a vocal and active figure in blockchain and crypto. His GitHub page has 45 repositories and almost 800 followers. A 2014 video produced by Jeffrey gives a detailed explanation of the Ethereum project, down to its unique features which distinguish it from BTC.

Some Controversy

Not a dormant player in the space, Ethereum co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke has made significant contributions. Notable is helping fix the computational DDoS attack incident which occurred in late 2016. Although not a high level threat, it could delay the time for block confirmation.

More recently, however, Jeffrey Wilcke has become something of a controversial figure in the blockchain and crypto space. The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ethereum Classic event comes to mind. Jeffrey denied his involvement in a complaint filed against ETC with the SEC.

ETC Trust, set up by Grayscale, intended to set aside the management fees it collects for the development of ETC, over a period of three years. Jeffrey maintains he never filed a complaint against ETC for issuing securities contrary to SEC rules. He said all he had done was request for name removal as ETC was similar to ETH.

We are not immediately concerned with whether or not Jeffrey made that complaint. But it’s interesting that his team member, Vitalik Buterin, will be boycotting this year’s Consensus. Reason for this being that Digital Currency Group (DCG), owners of Coin Desk, organizers of Consensus, have been shilling ETC and do not even own any ETH.

This brings to mind the latest news by Binance CEO saying he would henceforth accept interviews from only reporters who own some crypto. Fair enough. How else would one “know” it if they don’t “use” it?

Along with his other co-founders, it’s good to see Jeffrey Wilcke remain active in the space, even after years of a successful project launch.