Jinglan Wang

Jinglan Wang And The Blockchain Education Network

Jinglan Wang

Each era of continuous rise in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies comes with more media attention. With more media attention, comes more interest from the general public. It’s important for the newbies that get into the space to learn the right things when they get here. This is because the cryptocurrency space is currently a scammer’s paradise. Also, there are no bailouts here when people mess up. Helping equip newcomers with the right knowledge is Jinglan Wang. She is currently the Executive director of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), a non-profit organization founded by Jeremy Gardner.

Other roles and positions held by Jinglan Wang include blockchain product manager at NASDAQ and co-founder of Eximchain. She has also worked with IDEO.

Getting Into Crypto

Jinglan Wang changed her major and started studying computer science just to have a better understanding of cryptocurrencies. You would agree that her level of interest was quite high. She went from struggling to understand cryptocurrencies on her first attempt to the president of the Wellesley Bitcoin club along the way. She has also been an affiliate of the MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI).

In response to a question on Tokendaily, Wang told the story of how she got into cryptocurrencies. In the developed world, where payment systems are working well and national currencies are relatively stable, the need for crypto currencies in making payments or in everyday life is not a pressing one. It’s, however, more useful when it comes to making remittances. That’s how Wang got in. She wasn’t too enthused about the high charges involved with sending money oversees when she attempted to do so using traditional banks. After realizing cryptocurrencies were a cheaper alternative, she started her learning journey and has not turned back since.

The Blockchain Education Network

The Blockchain Education Network was initially called the College Cryptocurrency Network. It started with the coming together of various Bitcoin clubs in a number of universities to create a non-profit organization. It is currently a network of over a thousand students from hundreds of schools worldwide. Jinglan Wang and Jeremy Gardner were very instrumental in the growth of the network.

This network makes each campus organization more effective in its quest to educate students on blockchain and digital currency technologies. They get to be connected to many other similar clubs on campuses worldwide as well as receive talks from prominent speakers. Generally, with the BEN the individual clubs in the network get help with promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency education on their individual campuses. Getting the future leaders currently studying in various campuses worldwide into cryptocurrencies and connecting them is definitely a good thing for the long-term growth of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies become boring topics. Hopefully, all the applications being built now would become integral parts of our lives. That’s how we will know all the great stuff being built at the moment has worked. For now, we would have to continue to put in effort like Jinglan Wang is doing by educating more people on crypto and blockchain technology.

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