John McAfee Predicted Highest Bitcoin Value 24 Hours Before It Happened On Crypto Core Radio.

True to his unpredictable, party-animal image he confirmed willingness to talk with us, however, his actual appointment time was never scheduled in stone- so he left a salivating audience of crypto enthusiasts wondering “When?”.

When McAfee called into the number that was provided, our host Lootz wasn’t expecting the call- it was a day past the initial time we had been aiming for.  

The Crypto Core Radio host was relaxing into an afternoon siesta when his nap was interrupted by the ring of his telephone.  Naturally when Lootz answered the phone, mid-afternoon on a Wednesday, the voice of John McAfee didn’t ring the familiar bell because he asked for Lori- that’s me, I had invited him to speak on the show. McAfee was told he dialed the wrong number because Lootz and I are certainly not roommates.

The phone rang again.  This time the fog was lifting for Lootz and it dawned on him that John McAfee was on the phone and he quickly snapped out of sleep mode and as calmly as possible he asked McAfee to hold a moment.  McAfee had previously expressed his willingness to speak to us only if we used his preferred communication methods, due to security concerns.  The request created a unique circumstance even for Lootz who has 25 years experience in broadcast.  

Fortunately,  Lootz had been testing his equipment for the occasion just one day before and he was able to begin recording the impromptu conversation with THE John McAfee- the most popular name in crypto and the world famous name in mainstream computer virus protection.

McAfee has grown famous for his edgy, party animal behaviors and he is extremely vocal about his life-in-the-fast-lane.  As the maker of a revered household name whose empire was built on safety and privacy, his outspoken style is a baffling contradiction.  While there really is no comparison to the one and only McAfee, his impact on society is an eyebrow-raising cross between Charlie Sheen and Bill Gates.  

If you follow the news related to cryptocurrency you are likely aware of John McAfee’s heated opposition to the vocal Chase Bank CEO, Jamie Dimon who regularly bashes Bitcoin.  On CNBC News, McAfee fired back at Dimon with a sensible response in a live interview where he argues that Bitcoin is certainly not a fraud, and is a fixture that will be prominent in the finance arena, indefinitely.  He backs up his certainty with absolute facts of the market.  During the interview with Core, McAfee made many bold predictions including his impeccably timed stab at the price. He said:

“A month ago when bitcoin was down to almost $3,000 and people kept going ‘the bubble has burst.’  I kept saying IGNORE IT.  What happens in the short term is meaningless. It will come back. I predicted bitcoin would hit $5,000 before the end of the year and I am certain that I will be correct in that.”

He continued the thought,

“The more people adopt bitcoin as their medium of exchange, the more the price will go up.  This is simply a fact of life.  I am very confident in my prediction that we will see 5,000 soon”.  The next day bitcoin zoomed past $5,000.00.

When McAfee considered the topic of his polar opposite, Chase Bank Chairman Jamie Dimon, McAfee had an audible chuckle.  He implied that Dimon is a true fraud.

“People get panicked when people like JP Morgan chairman calls bitcoin a Fraud.  He knows the power that he has,  in the press.”  McAfee commented further.

“Don’t worry about temporary fluctuations- even if it drops by half. That has more to do with scare tactics than any sort of reality.  These are all temporary.  As bitcoin grows larger the ability to manipulate it will disappear.”

You Can also listen to the whole first interview, here:

Tune in For A Second, Scheduled Interview With John McAfee! We Will Broadcast Live

Thursday 10/19/2017 at 8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.