John McAfee Marked For Death By Government Officials In Belize

John McAfee – Revealing Data About Belize Corruption Paints A Target On His Back.

Track 3 is of vital importance!

On December 5, 2017, John McAfee contacted me, for an exclusive conversation that he allowed me to record.  This was not our first conversation, and I knew in advance that John wanted to discuss a specific topic for the call, and I had an agenda of my own. He wanted to talk about the target he believes has been painted on his back by the government of Belize, and I wanted to get a few predictions from him and to talk about his presence in the crypto community.

I must get the fun part out of the way first. During the 11 minute call, you will hear John McAfee as he does the following:


  • He predicts Bitcoin will be priced at $1 million by 2020.
  • He says there is no such thing as a bitcoin bubble
  • says Bitcoin Futures are “just fine” and will “have absolutely no affect on crypto” because they are not relevant to one another.
  • He explains McAfee coin as a way for the people to have a chance to shape the world they live in by helping in the process of choosing where venture capitalism will allocate funds.  The people who will use the technologies and products of the immediate future will be able to have a say in the world around them.

“Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies are based on a paradigm that has no connection whatsoever with the existing paradigm of investment, where if you get 10% a year you go Dam, that was good! No.  If you get 1000% a year that is low and you have invested in the wrong cryptocurrency.” McAfee Continued
“Cryptocurrencies do not obey the laws of existing investments. Things like bubbles- there can’t possibly be a bitcoin bubble things like corrections, what the fuck does that mean?”

“We are in a new Paradigm with no connection whatsoever with the old Paradigm. Banks are going to disappear. The Fed will disappear. Governments, unless they can figure out a way to get taxes not based on income, they are going to disappear. The world Has changed. “

I must be abrupt as I switch the topic because as much as I quickly ran through the motions with McAfee during our call, it feels cheap and easy to just regurgitate facts and opinions about bitcoin only to candy coat the unpleasant transitional paragraph between the fun stuff and the subject that is heavy on Johns mind.

What somber topic has John McAfee twisted in knots?  McAfee made me promise to explain these things to the public. He believes he has a target on his back painted by the Government of Belize.  He believes they want him dead, and he even tells me that his wife Janice has confessed to being an instrument in a plot to kill him.  She is casual on this topic for the cameras,  it is alarming.

All sounds very crazy, does it not?

Here is why I believe that John McAfee is in danger.

  1. He claims to have incriminating evidence of despicable crimes against humanity in his possession.  He says the crimes and scandalous acts are proven by audio and video footage and recordings that he obtained through a flawed security feature that he exploited to retrieve the data.
  2. He is John McAfee, the INVENTOR of anti-virus software, the man absolutely can get the information that he says he has.  If anyone can- it would be him.
  3. His motive for coming out to the public with this corruption is clearly based on his instinct to survive in a world where he feels constantly threatened and at risk.
  4.  Even if he is wrong or “paranoid”, I would think that resting on the assumption that McAfee might have conjured up these circumstances from a hallucination is a lazy conclusion.  What good would it be to him to admit such paranoid thinking?  Anyone who has ever partied knows that paranoia doesn’t announce itself proudly.  This man firmly believes he is at risk – and he needs help- immediately.
  5. Even though John is blunt, sometimes reckless and pointedly arrogant when addressing me- I still see the marvelous inventions that are his thoughts.  The McAfee story does not end with some sleaze in Belize. It just doesn’t.

When I asked McAfee about the crazy Newsweek article last week about his revelations regarding corruption in Belize government officials. It is not hard to believe that his experience in security and virus protection would eventually be a way for him to get sophisticated files with sensitive information, from anywhere.  John asserts that what he retrieved from the Belizian government incriminates esteemed officials and proves mass corruption including murder, human trafficking, and mayhem. His plan is to release 400 hours of surveillance and audio recordings that he alleges to be proof of the Belizian crime rings.

Whatever assumption people want to make about McAfee should be forgotten.  Focus on the human being who is in front of you.  See a man who has more chivalry in his smallest finger than an entire country of men.  He may be in some trouble, and he needs some backup.