Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin | Creating Tools For The Decentralized Systems

Joseph Lubin

Forbes estimates Joseph Lubin’s cryptocurrency holdings to be worth a figure between $1 billion and $5 billion. This isn’t surprising. We can expect that of a successful entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Joseph Lubin also started Consensys, a software engineering company building applications for the Ethereum platform.

Education And Career Before Ethereum

Joseph Lubin graduated from Princeton University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science certificate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He went on to manage the Robotics and Expert Systems Laboratory at the same university for five years.

Following his time at Princeton University, Lubin worked as a research scientist and software engineer for Vision Applications and TOMANDANDY, which specializes in creating entertainment mobile apps and music production. He later spent two years working for the private wealth management division of Goldman Sachs before moving on to Blacksmith technologies’ New York office in the capacity of director. Lubin also took part in the SyNerG Music in Jamaica before he got wind of the whole Ethereum idea or whitepaper.

Co-Founding Ethereum

With his experience in the business world as well as the tech world, Joseph Lubin was in a good position to take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the creation of Ethereum. Of course, he had prior to this, learned about Bitcoin and its potential.

When the opportunity presented itself in the form of the Ethereum whitepaper and getting in contact with Vitalik Buterin and other pioneers of Ethereum, Lubin took it and got involved. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Ethereum foundation.

What Consensys Does

Consensys was established by Joseph Lubin in October 2014. The company aims to help in the building of the Ethereum ecosystem. It does this by creating applications as well as startups that use blockchain technology to solve problems in various industries. It already serves as a launch pad for a number of innovative teams in the blockchain industry.

Consensys also consults for businesses from the financial, energy, education and supply management and health sector amongst others.

One of the main goals of the Ethereum network is to help make social, political and economic organizations all over the world become more decentralized to better serve the people the organizations were created for. Joseph Lubin continues to work towards this goal through Consensys and other startups springing up from it. A look at the life and work of influential blockchain personalities like Joseph Lubin would remind anybody with doubts about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology that we are still in the early days. With the great amount of work being done, greater things can be expected in this industry.