Dr. Julie Albright Unites Sociology and Crypto For Positive Societal Changes

Crypto Technology Is Changing Everything In Society

Cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, like air, are filling any available space. The innovations in the space have brought about change in almost every sector that can be named. Players in healthcare, banking, businesses and even governmental institutions are looking at ways to benefit and not be left behind. In this article, we will look at the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution through the lens of Dr. Julie Albright. That is from the social and behavioral point of view. We will also look at her involvement in the cryptocurrency space in this regard.

Dr. Albright has a PhD in Sociology and Marriage and Family Therapy. She holds two masters degrees as well. One in Sociology from the University of Southern California and another in Social and Systemic Studies from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently a Sociology lecturer at the University of Southern California.

The degrees are not the only things making Dr. Julie Albright a highly qualified digital sociologist. She is also a consultant, keynote speaker, and author. In her upcoming book, she plans to tell us how people brought up in the age of computers are reshaping the American dream. “Left to Their Own Devices” is expected to be out towards the end of 2018.

Sociology Meets Digital Technology

Once again, we have a great example of a person incorporating crypto into their life and work. As a digital sociologist, Dr. Albright basically studies societal changes caused by digital technologies for a living. It’s therefore not surprising that she noticed the cryptocurrency innovations and anticipated the changes it could bring about in all spheres of society. She also went ahead to partake and contribute to the industry in her own way.

Her contributions in the space include advising and lending her credibility to ICO projects. The WishKnish project is an example of an ICO benefiting from her guidance and connections. The DNX Community, the Ethereum blockchain based digital nomad platform is another. DNX aims to have remote workers all over the world on its blockchain and help them work freely and on their terms. This would be made possible by using blockchain technology to remove the restrictions created by national borders and different local fiat currencies.

Getting Involved Is Not That Complicated

“How does one participate in the cryptocurrency world?” Anyone looking for answers to this question can take a look at Dr. Albright’s profile. She was a digital culture expert before the advent of cryptocurrencies, but got involved where it relates to her field of expertise.

The answer is simple. One can find a way to incorporate cryptocurrencies into whatever one does or likes. It could be as simple as accepting Bitcoin as payment and as complex as being a blockchain developer if one has the skills for it.