Kathryn Haun

Kathryn Haun | Cryptocurrency’s Legal Expert

Kathryn Haun 

Make no mistake. The cryptocurrency industry may not have regulations specific to it, but is affected by already existing ones. As seen in recent times, some ICOs have already stepped on some mine fields in the space. Bitcoiin was stopped before it could see the light of day. Centra’s founders are also currently in the grips of the law. With these incidents in mind, businesses in the industry have to operate cautiously to avoid any unwanted calls or visits from the authorities. It’s also good to have someone like Kathryn Haun in your corner, if you’re operating a crypto business.

In 2015, she helped conduct an investigation that got Ripple Labs paying a $700,000 fine by the time it was all over. Now, she helps companies in the cryptocurrency space avoid similar legal troubles.

Kathryn Haun holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Stanford Law school, but it’s the experience from her time as federal prosecutor of the U.S Department of Justice that makes her an asset for any cryptocurrency related business at the moment. Coinbase and now HakerOne are glad to have her as a member of their boards of directors. She is also the chairman of both the audit and risk committees at Coinbase.

Kathryn’s Other Crypto Involvements & Contribution

Kathryn Haun’s contribution to the development of the cryptocurrency space is not limited to her roles on the above named boards. She has been a lecturer at Stanford business school since 2017. The cybercrime and cryptocurrency courses at the Stanford Law school were taught by her in 2016. From her teaching statement, we gather that her research interest areas include  “governance systems for cryptocurrency, the legal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the future of fraud, cybersecurity, and how financial technologies can create more openness and transparency.” With her teaching, she prepares students for real-world situations they might face with their entrepreneurial endeavors, as the venture into uncharted areas.

Haun does not reserve all her counsel for just her students and companies. She has spoken at numerous events and appeared on lots of shows to share her knowledge on topics relating to cryptocurrencies and the law. In this Tedtalk, she makes an interesting  presentation on how blockchain technology is already being used by the U.S government to fight fraud. She has also contributed to Forbes articles and CNBC. 

Legitimacy For the Cryptocurrency Industry

The cryptocurrency industry is at a point where it is growing bigger, becoming more mainstream and is having more contact with traditional institutions. In the early days of Bitcoin, many members of the community envisioned a replacement of the current financial system. These days it’s more about coming out with technology, products and services that bring about improvements in terms of financial freedom. Most importantly, all these have to be done without violating the rules of the current system.

People like Kathryn Haun come in at this point to give clarity when we find ourselves in grey areas. It goes both ways. The government institutions also need a true and up-to-date understanding of happenings in the cryptocurrency space. Such expertise is very useful now as the industry gradually gets legitimized.