KFC Canada Launches “The Bitcoin Bucket,” Accepting Cryptocurrency for Fried Chicken

At a time in which bitcoin’s price starts to recover from a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange ban fiasco, KFC Canada launched a new, finger licking good reason to own bitcoin: The Bitcoin Bucket.

The Bitcoin Bucket, as the fried chicken chain’s website explains, is a limited time offer that can be purchased using bitcoin. It was launched alongside a social media campaign that simultaneously promoted KFC’s new product and the flagship cryptocurrency.

KFC’s official Facebook account promoted the Bitcoin Bucket by livestreaming a video showing the standing price for the product, which costs CAD$20, in bitcoin. On Twitter, KFC Canada presented the new bucket with a bit of humor and a campaign aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

KFC Canada promotes the Bitcoin Bucket on social media

The Bitcoin Bucket, however, isn’t available at KFC locations in Canada, and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t accepted at their cash registers. KFC is currently accepting bitcoin for the bucket via BitPay, as one of the options at the check-out page is to pay with bitcoin when buying the meal online.

The product’s page reads:

“For a limited time, orders will be fulfilled within Canadian delivery zones. We can only accept purchases within Canada. Apologies, rest of the world.

The service incurs a $5 fee for the Bitcoin Bucket to be delivered directly to the customer’s address. Although the fried chicken chain is seemingly jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, the stock of Yum! Brands, KFC’s parent company, doesn’t seem to have been affected. This is in contrast to companies like Kodak, who saw its stock go up by 117% after announcing a dive into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In a Twitter post, replying to Litecoin creator Charlie Lee’s reaction to the fried chicken chain’s announcement, the representative behind KFC’s social media account revealed that only bitcoin is currently accepted, but that other cryptocurrencies are being considered.

Although the Bitcoin Bucket is a limited time offer, we can only assume KFC itself – not just KFC Canada – will likely start accepting the cryptocurrency if enough people buy the bucket using the flagship cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is currently up 3.73% in the last 24-hour period, as one coin is now trading at $13,985. The cryptocurrency’s price started recovering after it was revealed that the South Korean government isn’t on banning cryptocurrency exchanges.


Featured image by Mike Mozart, Flickr, CC by 2.0