Komodo KMD Added to Binance, Upbit, and Other Exchanges

Komodo (KMD) Added to Binance, Upbit, and Other Exchanges

Binance Adds KMD

Komodo, the native cryptocurrency in the Komodo Platform, was recently added to Binance, a popular altcoin exchange led by Changpeng Zhao. The addition allows Binance users to buy and sell KMD for BTC and ETH, with both pairs currently available on the exchange.



To celebrate the addition, Binance and Komodo are running a promotional campaign that will see gifts delivered to KMD traders. The official announcement reads:

“To celebrate KOMODO listing on Binance, we have committed some presents to give away to our fans worldwide. We will rank users from 1 to 5 in terms of the total KMD volume traded on your account (includes both buys and sells) during the competition period.”

The prize list includes a Samsung S8 Smartphone, a Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, KMD coins, and a Komodo T-shirt. According to Binance, the prizes will be distributed on the 17th of November.

Exchanges Rush to Add Komodo

Most recently, and probably due to the marketing efforts being undertaken by the team, exchanges have rushed to add KMD to their exchanges. It seems that Komodo is becoming extremely popular to the east with multiple exchanges in South Korea adding trading pairs for the KMD coin. Among them is Upbit, a South Korean exchange launched by Bittrex in partnership with Kakao.

The Upbit addition will expose traders in the region to the Komodo cryptocurrency, allowing them to buy or sell it with the national currency, the South Korean won. Further expanding the reach of KMD in the country, Conrail, another South Korean exchange, has also added KMD markets.

The team has also announced the upcoming listing on HitBTC, a widely popular crypto-fiat exchange that is known for its vast selection of trading pairs.

Not only is KMD being added to exchanges, but new and more efficient tools for traders are also being made available, including CryptoTrader, an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrency traders that provides them with “cloud-based automated trading solutions”.



BarterDEX and Monaize dICO

As new exchanges continue to add Komodo to their platforms, the team has also made progress on its own decentralized trading platform, the BarterDEX. Powered by atomic swaps, the BarterDEX platform will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and fiat tokens with no third party or proxy tokens involved.

The latest Windows release for the BarterDEX software has also granted users a new Graphic User Interface (GUI) that is both simple and functional. Not only will BarterDEX be the first decentralized exchange of its kind, it will also allow users to participate in the first ever decentralized Initial Coin Offering (dICO), launched by Monaize.

The dICO will allow users to buy Monaize (MNZ) tokens with Bitcoin and Komodo through the use of Atomic Swaps. Issued through Komodo’s asset chain technology, the MNZ token will use the same dPoW protection employed by KMD itself and will also leverage an innovative on-demand block generation system for mining.

A guide on how to participate in the first dICO can be seen here. You can also check out the recent AMA session where the KMD team delves into more details about the BarterDEX and dICO technologies.