Komodo Platform announces new marketing strategy to push cryptocurrency adoption to the next level

The cryptocurrency space is an incredibly exciting one! With all the cool open blockchain projects out there, there is no shortage of information and material regarding all the different coins, platforms and tools. In such an overwhelming environment, it can sometimes be hard for projects to make your ideas stand out and to have a distinct and clear voice that speaks louder than all the noise in the cryptosphere.

The Komodo Platform, best known for its security and privacy features and for the creation of tools like the BarterDEX and dICO platform, has been experimenting with new and exciting marketing and community outreach strategies, many of which have paid out big time. Komodo’s marketing efforts have allowed their technologies to reach a wider audience and to break out of the blockchain/tech-savvy sandbox.

Clever marketing, clear information, a strong media presence and an open communication line with the community can propel cryptocurrency projects to the mainstream stage. The team behind the Komodo Platform understand this and are now taking the first steps in implementing what they are calling their “Marketing Journey”.

Putting their expertise and experience to use in combination with the tricks and mistakes learned from previous experiments, the Komodo team is now ready to take their technologies to the next level of adoption. Being a community-driven project, Komodo will also take into account the concerns and suggestions made by the community. Their recent blog post reads:

“Many of you voiced feedback on the need to improve our marketing and communications, and now we have.”

Growing team and partnerships: The more, the merrier!

So what does Komodo have in store? For starters, leaders from the organization have taken time to find new staff for marketing strategies; content creation; social media; and public relations. Most noticeably, Komodo has recently introduced their new public representative, Angela. She will represent Komodo in blockchain conferences everywhere, a topic that we will also talk about later on.

The expansion of the team will allow marketing pushes to be done more efficiently and with a greater diversification of techniques and styles. Many of the new team members have joined the organization from the community, ensuring that these understand the project and share its vision.

Komodo is, not only increasing its team, but also attaining new partnerships in and outside of the blockchain space. The blog post reads:

“We are taking Komodo to the next level, increasing our outbound marketing efforts, growing our partner ecosystem, strengthening community engagement, and showing our investors Komodo in action.”

Recently, Komodo has brokered a new partnership with Monaize, a disruptive new e-banking platform which will launch its ICO on the dICO (Decentralized ICO) platform built by Komodo. The website announcement reads:

“What happens when the leading innovators in banking meet up with the experts in blockchain?

Monaize is fully onboard with the spirit and vision of Komodo. Together we have brainstormed a strategic roadmap for rapid cryptocurrency adoption. Furthermore, Monaize will be launching the very first ICO on Komodo Platform before the end of this year.”

Blockchain/Fintech Events

Following the success of events like the CoinTelegraph Blockshow and the Money 2020 conference, Komodo continues to set its sights in new events that can help bring its decentralized technologies to the mainstream audience pushing the general cryptocurrency adoption movement forward.

Most recently, the Komodo team announced “Banking Meets Blockchain”, an Exclusive Komodo Platform Event organized in partnership with Monaize. The event will seek to inform attendees on how blockchain technology can help fill the gap between conservative industries/markets and the growing decentralized economy.

Komodo Currency Adoption

Komodo (KMD) is more than a simple currency. It also acts as the fuel for the decentralized applications being built by Komodo. This aspect allows the team to increase the KMD coin usage by taking advantage of cross-reference marketing, where users engage with Komodo through the use of other services like the Agama Wallet and Pangea Poker. The recent blog post reads:

“By taking this approach, we intend to target a specific audience and provide a meaningful service that provides long-term value. We feel ambitious with our marketing strategy, having fully prepared the underlying Komodo framework for large-scale adoption, and we are deeply rooted in our commitment to its success.”


By combining new strategies with old ones and by attaining an improved team/group, the team hopes to see Komodo excel in the world of cryptos, while cryptos excel in the world of finance. To learn more about Komodo, visit the official website.