Komodo Platform | The Big Reveal

Komodo announced it’s partnership with e-bank, Monaize in a long awaited announcement shared via video stream that was viewed by a few thousand people on September 8th 2017. Essentially, Monaize is a mobile banking system, through which Komodo Will be staking it’s claim on 5% of the crypto cool bank.

The thing that made the announcement important is how this unique business alliance will help edge Komodo users closer to the SuperNET vision of a decentralized world by removing some of the barriers between fiat and crypto and helping to ease the choke hold of the greedy governments of the world for a moment, and give the people a chance to see what it feels like to experience freedom. Using the Komodo Platform in combination with SuperNET tools such as JUMBLR and BarterDEX can re-enable people to experience the meaning of private funds. Through these tools, Komodo users can form and launch a private, decentralized ICO without any monitoring. The announcement was delivered by 3 young men whose peers know them as Polycryptoblog, Ca333 and Audo.

These fellows are seen daily. Buzzing around the SuperNet Slack channels, especially within Komodo’s channel and they are highly regarded as technological wizards, so putting faces with their usernames brought the realization that these geniuses are actually human.

Staying true to the unfair irony that finds it way onto the stages and prom dates across the world; the same irony that crashes important meetings and sabotages speeches by way of a forgotten zipper or loss of lunch due to nerves; true to the inevitable and unfair timing for those who are exceedingly well prepared; as any great human crescendo should go, the tech genius gentlemen were baffled by audio issues at the start, but the battle was temporary.

After a few minutes of technical difficulties, the three young men who were tasked with revealing big news that had been hyped for weeks, stood before a few thousand cranky (and some rude) members of the crypto community. Despite the equipment failure, the guys polished the final part of their presentation with perfection and everyone quickly forgot that they really didn’t hear the announcement at all. Jl777, a cherished coder at the center of the Komodo chain summarized for the world what the announcement was intended to say in a textual post. Here are some snippets of that text. We call these bits of wisdom “J-Gems”, because they’re as good as any treasure…

Jl777on privacy and ownership:
“People should have the right to barter what they own for whatever they want (assuming it is not a universally illegal item). People should also have a right to privacy, or at least a right to not self-incriminate”

Jl777 on Decentralized ICOs:
“A fully decentralized ICO as compared to a centralized ICO would be like torrents versus napster. As much as a government would like to be able to control (dictate) what people can do with their own money, they won’t be able to.”

Jl777 On Mitigation of Damages Incurred By Having Your Rights Infringed Upon:
“After all, if you own something shouldn’t you be able to barter it for something else? If you are prevented from doing this, in effect, you have lost ownership and if you didn’t consent to this, it seems a lot like a theft has taken place.In case that your rights are being infringed, it should be within your rights to mitigate damages using reasonable means. Like using the Komodo Platform.”

Jl777 On Relocation For The Oppressed:
“Let us look on the issuer’s side. If to use the Komodo Platform’s asset chains, it turns out that technically it isn’t an ICO at all, as all the coins are issued on the first mined block. This is done privately by the issuer. If running a blockchain and issuing coins to yourself is not legal, well, it seems you are in a totalitarian state and must make plans to relocate.”