Komodo Antara

Komodo’s Antara Heralding a New Era of Building Blockchain Solutions 

Komodo is the leading blockchain leveraging the hashing power of the bitcoin network to make a secure, scalable and interoperable blockchain ecosystem. It offers the tools to create customizable independent blockchains.  Created in 2014, Komodo is one of the first projects that started to extend and enhance qualities of underlying fledgling blockchain technology. Projects can build their own blockchain ecosystem through Komodo’s scalable infrastructure. Unlike any other in the space, Komodo supports multi-chain interoperability enabling blockchains built with Komodo to connect with external chains through atomic swaps. It enables infinite scalability.

The latest development in the Komodo network is the Antara Smart Chain Composer which is a web application that allows anyone to customize and deploy a smart chain in just a few minutes. Antara is tied to Komodo’s multi-chain vision of adding more customization features from various third party projects. Antara is the realization of that vision enabling Komodo to launch an open, programmable multi-chain platform to enable the development of open, simple and flexible blockchain solutions. 

Challenges for Developers 

Existing blockchains use single-chain blockchain platforms giving little room for developers to experiment and use the best tools. With the single-chain model, developers have no control over platform development such as scalability solutions and face congestion due to high fees and smart contract complexity. In simple terms, developers have no sovereignty.

Komodo’s Antara solves these challenges through Antara’s smart chains, modules, and integration layer.

Antara Smart Chain – a completely independent blockchain with its own consensus rules, decentralized network, and currency. Furthermore, smart chains are customizable giving developers 15 different customization options such as:

  • Pre-mine supply
  • Consensus rules
  • Hashing algorithm 
  • Privacy settings
  • Block rewards
  • Block time  

Antara Modules – the second important layer of Antara framework is a module library that allows developers to choose from a wide selection of Antara modules. With plug-and-play functionality, developers can adopt smart chains to suit their specific business needs. Developers can contribute their own custom modules to add to the already pre-built modules such as:

  • Multi-sig functionality
  • Rewards program
  • Data oracles
  • Stablecoin solutions
  • Instant micropayments 

Antara Integration Layer – enables developers to build blockchain-based apps without needing to interact directly with the underlying blockchain technology. With Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs), developers can write them into programs and applications that run on independent smart chains.  Developers can also access white label products such as:

  • SPV server integration
  • Custom block explorer
  • Multi-coin wallet
  • Mobile DEX

As shown in the table below, Komodo’s Antara has superior features compared to existing blockchains.

Features Komodo’s Antara Other blockchain platforms (Ethereum, EOS, Tron)
Blockchain Platform Architecture  Multi-chain allowing interoperability Single-chain with no interoperability
Security Relies on proven and strong bitcoin & Z-cash networks Dependent on new blockchains which are still being tested
Ownership & Control Developers have complete control of their token solutions Developers have to rely on networks token solutions that are subject to constraints such as speed, design, and scalability
Consensus Mechanism Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) Ethereum= PoW & PoS



Fees Users only pay Smart chain transaction fees in each individual smart chain’s native coin meaning no imposed reliance on Komodo coin Each platform has its own coin and developers must rely on it. Fees such as the gas fee for Ethereum constantly increase affecting performance  
Customization Highly customizable allowing developers to add their own modules Limited customization 

In conclusion, Komodo’s Antara framework enables any developer to work on it without needing to be blockchain savvy. Komodo continues to push for blockchain interoperability which is one of the most important ways to attract more developers to build enterprise solutions without being constrained from the start.