LendIt to launch Blockchain Tech Summit, BlockFin

LendIt, one of the major lending and fintech conference companies, announced its newest event, the “BlockFin Summit” which is to be carried on 9th to 11th of April 2018, San Francisco.

BlockFin Summit will be an event completely focused on the Blockchain technology.

Jason Jones,  co-founder of LendIt,  stated: “This year we are creating an entire event around this technology.”

Jason believes that Blockchain technology offers advances in the field of communication, identification, security, and transactions. The other co-founder, Peter Renton, shared his views on additional reasons behind this conference:

“It is evident that the ecosystem of developers, entrepreneurs, and corporations within financial services has dedicated tremendous resources to building the Blockchain globally …  So we have decided to create BlockFin at LendIt USA 2018, which will be one of the world’s largest gatherings of financial services industry professionals.”.

Peter Renton expects banks, insurance companies, investment firms, FinTech companies, technology service providers, media, government, and academics be present at LendIt to learn about innovation across financial services.

The BlockFin event will feature:

1) An investor 1×1 capital connection summit to match Asset Allocators and Crypto investors with Crypto Fund Managers and ICO issuers;
2) Two and half days will be directed to 75 speakers on Enterprise Blockchain;
3) Two days with around 60 speakers regarding Cryptocurrencies, Tokens & Capital Markets;
4) Massive attendance of Blockchain companies;
5)Over 100 Blockchain product demonstrations at the Blockchain stage;
6) During the BlockFin blockchain training activities for financial services executives.

About LendIt and its Evolution

Back in 2012 Jason Jones and Dara Albright met when Jason during an event produced by Dara in New York. On that day, Jason and Dara shared their thoughts about a specific type of event that could be developed. Jason Jones offered to design this new type of summit which would highlight peer-to-peer lending, a place where the community could gather to discuss the landscape and develop their knowledge regarding the p2p lending industry.

Simultaneously, Peter Renton, Lend Academy founder, was constantly receiving messages from Lend Academy members to develop a “meeting” for the lending industry.

It was love at first sight when all, Jason, Dara, and Peter came together. When reunited, they decided to raise a symbolic conference: The World’s first marketplace lending conference, Lendit. They had average expectations, but the results were overwhelming as the conference was sold out and good reviews came after.

Nowadays, Jason, Bo and Peter direct the LendIt conferences and, separately, Dara still supports LendIt, although she is currently on a new project. Nowadays, LendIt is one of the leaders in lending & fintech markets in specific regions: USA, China, and Europe.

Year after year LendIt has made more room to discuss Blockchain and linked technologies at their events.

A historical guide shows how Blockchain has been becoming a priority in the BlockFin Summit:

2015 LendIt has discussed Blockchain on a panel;
2016 LendIt developed a half-day track for Blockchain;
2018 LendIt is preparing to launch an entire event, BlockFin Summit, completely focused on Blockchain Technology.