Lily Katz

Bloomberg’s Lily Katz On Cryptocurrencies

Lily Katz

Having Barack Obama on your twitter follower list definitely means something. Lily Katz does. She is a Bloomberg News reporter and writes on topics related to fintech, real estate, insurance, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. Our focus would be on the cryptocurrency and blockchain part, as well as other contributions she has made to the space.

Katz has a Bachelor of Arts certificate in Journalism from the University of Washington. On her way to her current position at Bloomberg news, she worked as an intern at King 5 news, Columns Magazine and University Marketing and Communications. She also worked as letters coordinator at the Seattle Times.

Coverage of Cryptocurrency Related Issues

As mentioned earlier, Lily Katz’s writing isn’t limited to cryptocurrencies. She has, however, done a lot of writing on the topic. Katz has covered price action, businesses in the space, personalities, regulation amongst others. Here, she talks about the woes of Longfin Corp. The company had seen its share price skyrocket following it’s Initial Public Offer and acquisition of a “blockchain business“.

This one gives an insight into the competition between Nvidia Corp. and Chinese mining chip making giant Bitmain. The article objectively spelled out how actions by Bitmain, a crypto company was going to affect Nvidia’s profits.

With her piece on the Bitcoin conference held in a strip club, she captured a number of important aspects of the current state of the cryptocurrency space. All this was done without showing any bias. It has to do with making the community more welcoming for women. The article pointed out the fact that some newly rich members of the cryptocurrency space basically behaved like their wall street counterparts they love to criticize.

It does not matter which piece it is. Be it a simple announcement or a controversial issue, Lily Katz has always been objective in her writing.

Objective Cryptocurrency Experts In Mainstream Media

There was a time when die-hard bitcoiners longed for any form of news on Bitcoin in mainstream media. These days, there is news on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the mainstream media almost on a daily basis. The problem is now about too much news containing inaccurate information or what is known as FUD- Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. For instance, towards the end of the last Bitcoin bull run, articles claiming that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were not sustainable or eco-friendly due to the huge energy requirements for mining surfaced. It turns out the energy consumed by gold mining companies, data centers and the production of cash surpasses that of Bitcoin mining.

It’s good to have crypto in the news but even better to have objective reporters and writers who understand the technology doing the coverage.