Lisk Platform Releases Updates, JavaScript Not a Good Choice

Lisk is a Dapps platform provider based on JavaScript. It is coming up with a beta release 1.0.0. The community is excited and is looking forward to this release. Let’s look at this development in detail.

Lisk Platform

Lisk is a platform provider like Ethereum or NEO, but the difference being that its blockchain is built on the JavaScript language. It makes the developer’s job easier since one needs to, for the most part, know only JavaScript to build an application on top of this platform. Notably, this platform makes use of sidechains, and all the development and new DApps are built on these sidechains. So, decentralized applications can run on their own “Sidechains” while on top of the Lisk mainnet.

Sidechains are independent blockchains and anybody can make any application by using a sidechains which doesn’t affect the performance on the mainnet. Even if there are bugs, it will affect the sidechain and the mainnet is safe. So, you can have all the flexibility and freedom to develop applications without affecting the mainnet. There’s also a sidechain development kit to enable easy and user-friendly development.

Lisk Core 1.0.0 – Beta Releases

Lisk’s development team has released a new version of its blockchain, namely Lisk Core 1.0.0 beta. The release has reportedly been thoroughly tested and comes with several internal releases as well. This release is like a relaunch and is developed by the platform’s core architects LightcurveHQ. The team has come up with two testing processes from 1.0.0, namely Betanet and Testnet.

We all know the purpose of a Testnet, but they have created a new testing process called Betanet. Betanet is an advanced stage of testing in which the main network is replicated for testing any major product release. This Betanet will start from the genesis block and all the nodes are controlled by the developers. Betanet will help in advanced testing and also ensure that the mainnet goes live without any major issues or bugs.

The roadmap is that first, the release will go through Alpha testing and then into Betanet and finally tested on Testnet, before releasing into Mainnet. Lisk core 1.0.0 will be released on Mainnet only after rigorous testing and if it is successfully running on the master Testnet.

Below is the twitter post of the team regarding the release of the Core 1.0.0 on Monday.


One can keep track of all the development on their GitHub page. We look forward to a successful launch and wish the team for a better future.