List of Most Destructive Ethereum Scams

We all know that Crypto Space is filled with scams and hacks. Ethereum, in particular, has the largest share of scams due to the association with ICOs and other third-party applications. We have the list of most destructive Ethereum scams so far. We can see the list of scams on EtherscamDB (  and the data of the amount of ETH stolen is calculated in (

Fake MEW/MyCrypto sites

MyEtherWallet is a famous wallet for storing Ethereum and there are several fake MEW wallets that have fooled the users to the tune of 12,360 ETH so far. The detailed list of all the fake wallets can be seen on EtherscamDB.

Ethereum Give Away

This is a very famous scam and one needs no explanation because it is very rampant across social media. Under any celeb tweet, scammers impersonate them and lure users by the word “ETH Give Away”. They fool users by posting messages that they are giving away ETH in return if users send a small portion of ETH to them. This has scammed to the tune of 2482 ETH so far.

PunyCode Domains

The scammers buy domain names of famous Ethereum wallet sites by replacing some characters with Ascii symbols that resemble the original letter. This has fetched the scammers around 845 ETH.

Spoofing Exchanges

Exchanges have always been victims of Phishing and spoofing them. Users have been fooled by the fake exchange names and they have lost a lot of ETH. The amount of ETH lost due to this Exchange scams comes to 838 ETH.

Fake ICOs

There were many cases of fake ICOs that were floating around in social media and scamming users. Users were asked to send their ETH to the address in exchange for the ICO ERC-20 tokens, but in reality, these were fake ICOs and users lost their ETH. This has scammed around 7513 ETH.

Telegram ICO is a very famous scam. Telegram had plans of launching an ICO, but they dropped it at the last minute. But the scammer used this opportunity to scam people and steal their ETH. This scam is worth 126 ETH.

Celeb Scam

As mentioned earlier, celebrities are used by scammers to steal ETH from users. Elon Musk is the famous target and ETH scammers impersonate him frequently to steal funds from users. This scam is worth 54 ETH.

There are many other ETH scams and we have only listed very few of them. Users should be extra careful and vigilant in not becoming prey to these scammers, so that they don’t lose their hard earned money. For detailed report,  please check out this medium post.