Livecoin Adds WAVES

WAVES has been added to Livecoin, a popular and growing bitcoin and altcoin exchange. The Waves team assisted with integration, and WAVES trading is now live.

About Livecoin

Livecoin, which is registered in London, launched in April 2015 when bitcoin was at the very bottom of its long bear market. Confidence in the virtual currency and its exchanges were low, thanks to the implosion of MtGox a little over a year earlier. After initially struggling to gain traction, Livecoin reduced its fees and undertook a series of further measures. From the beginning of 2016 it has steadily expanded its market share, and now has around three times the trading volumes of Bittrex, one of the best-known altcoin exchanges.

Waves tokens

Livecoin offers a range of features suitable for beginners up to more experienced traders. Both trading against crypto and fiat are possible, and the exchange’s clean interface and low fees have made it popular with the crypto community.

The addition of WAVES to Livecoin opens the way for the integration of Waves tokens. Incent is already included on the exchange, though the procedure is straightforward and any token can now be quickly added, subject to demand and approval by the Livecoin team.