LWF Logistics Presents An Affordable, Decentralized USPS Alternative

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 12-13-2017- Local World Forwarders or LWF is a project aiming to improve the logistics industry, in turn, giving the USPS (United States Postal Service) a run for their money.  They are doing something similar to what Uber did to the transportation industry.  In an effort to better record the process and all parties involved in the delivery and forwarding of packages, globally, they are introducing the concept of freight forwarding to the blockchain making it among the first peer to peer, decentralized logistics projects.

According to the website owned and operated by LWF, the project plans to increase the level of accountability from the provider of the goods being delivered, to the delivery person and of course to the consumer as well.  The methods used in current e-commerce transactions currently vary widely from service to service.  Amazon has their own way, eBay has another, then the UPS and the United States Postal Service each have their own tracking and delivery practices.  All of it gets cumbersome and tedious with work order discrepancies and reconciliations.  LWF wants to improve all of this by implementing a delegated proof of stake blockchain platform for the logistics industry that will eliminate the problems created by having too many conflicting methods of recording the chain of events.

The LWF Whitepaper breaks down the services offered by LWF into  categories

  • P2P-Freight Forwarding Services: Among the first in the world to put blockchain technologies to work, allowing almost anyone to receive or send parcels across the globe. LWF presents a practical model for secure, decentralized logistics.
  • Pickup and Delivery Point: Service users can have their parcels delivered by forwarders, who will keep them safe and ready for delivery. The forwarder will agree to a preferred delivery time with users so everyone gets to select the time and location to best suit their needs.
  • A Mobile App For Express Delivery:  With the LWF mobile app you can request same-day parcel deliveries from your place to a nearby destination via the LWF forwarders.

The services provided come with a built-in anti-fraud mechanism, an escrow service, and dispute management.  Another benefit is the potential for additional income for those who chose to work with the LWF team as a forwarder.

The team is comprised of an assortment of well-known names in the crypto community such as Angelo Melis, Founder  and Fabio Legrenzi, Co-Founder. To advise and help the LWF community as the sale progresses, they also have enlisted Jan Willem Veldhuis and Rob Keus who are some familiar faces from the recently successful Oxycoin ICO.

The Local World Forwarders project is has a multi-phase token sale. The Early Supporters Program which comes with a base bonus of 25% plus a nice incentive for each .5 bitcoin donated you will get an additional .5% more to add to that 25% up to 45%.  Minimum to participate in the early program is .01 in BTC or its equivalent at the time of exchange in the following cryptocurrencies:  ETH, SHIFT, LISK, ARK. and the highly revered OXY coin.  The final part of the token sale takes place on January and continues until February 23rd with decreasing bonuses as time progresses.  Please refer to the below detail of the token exchange which is quoted from the LWF Whitepaper.

EARLY SUPPORTERS PROGRAM will begin on November 14th 10:00 GMT to Jan
22th 10:00 GMT; will be possible to join in the EARLY SUPPORTERS PROGRAM a limited
number of days, where supporters can donate a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC in the Early
Supporter phrase and obtain a base bonus of 25% + 0.5% for each 0.5 bitcoin donated
(max 45%).

FINAL STEP: TEC SALE: Fundraising through the official TEC will begin on 23 Jan
2018 12:00 GMT, and end on 23 Feb. 2018 12:00 GMT (Minimum amount 0.005BTC).
The bonus available in TEC sale will be as follow:
20% until Jan 26th 12:00GMT.
18% until Feb 1th 12:00GMT.
15% until Feb 6th 12:00GMT.
13% until Feb 10th 12:00GMT.
10% until Feb 18th 12:00GMT.
5% until Feb 23th 12:00GMT

Visit and connect with the team at Local World Forwarders on social media outlets.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lwfofficial2017/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lwf_ico
Telegram: https://t.me/lwfofficial
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2267616.new#new
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/LocalWorldForwarders/

Local World Forwarders

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