Marie-Antoinette Tichler’s Solution to A Crypto Problem

The Oprah and Queen of Crypto On The Move

Marie-Antoinette Tichler has a couple of aliases beginning with “Crypto”. She is CryptOprah for obvious reasons. She hosts the “Crypto Vlog Show – Behind the Blockchain” on her Youtube channel. She also refers to herself as the CryptoQueen, and is involved in many useful projects with cryptocurrencies. This article focuses on Marie-Antoinette as a blockchain personality and her work so far in the cryptocurrency space.

Records show that Marie-Antoinette does not hesitate to go out and do her part to solve problems she identifies. The following are some of the organizations and initiatives set up to bring about some positive improvement in various spheres of life. Apart from hosting “Behind the Blockchain”, Marie-Antoinette is the CEO and founder of C2Legacy as well as founding member and community outreach lead of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy. Outside Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space, she is the founder of Coochie Power, an organization with women empowerment as its goal. Texting Organisation Against Distracted Driving (TOADD) is yet another organization started by Marie-Antoinette Tichler. Before all these, Marie-Antoinette worked under Healthcare Management for the United States Air Force.

Marie-Antoinette holds a Social Media Marketing graduate certificate from Drury University and a healthcare management degree from the Southern University at Carbondale.

Marie-Antoinette’s Crypto Related Work

With her Crypto Vlog Show, Marie-Antoinette aims at introducing more people to cryptocurrency technology. She interviews the creators and minds behind various cryptocurrency projects and breaks down the very technical issues into easily digestible interactions.

You can also catch Marie-Antoinette at the Bitcoin Blacktie Ball and Crypto Quarterly Mixers events where she participates as co-host. Both events in Atlanta aim at exposing more people to cryptocurrencies and create an avenue for meeting and sharing ideas.

Marie-Antoinette even has a new role at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy. The Bitcoin embassy has been dubbed the financial education community center and wants to be the hub for education and networking in the Greater Georgia area when it comes to digital assets and blockchain technology. As mentioned earlier, the role of community outreach lead would be played by Marie-Antoinette. 

Marie’s C2Legacy Passes Crypto Assets From Holders To Heirs

Those who have made a considerable amount of wealth from cryptocurrencies have a number of headaches to deal with. The obvious one has to do with keeping the digital assets safe. Hardware wallets exist to tackle this problem and help holders sleep with peace of mind. One other difficulty has to do with figuring out a way to safely pass on the newly created wealth to heirs when one is no longer around.

C2Legacy provides solutions to this problem. Smart contracts are used to transfer crypto assets from holders to their heirs once their death is confirmed and validated via a decentralized death certificates system. This is a very important and useful service created by Marie-Antoinette with C2Legacy. We will be able to see how the solution works in reality after the first real transfer to the heir of a user of the service takes place. The service is not only suitable for individuals, but also hedge funds and blockchain companies.

Making Crypto More Useful In The Real World

We need more projects coming out with real-world applications of blockchain technology. More engagement and education about digital assets and their use cases at the community level is also important.

Marie-Antoinette is using her entrepreneurial skills to come out with a way to safely pass on crypto assets to others posthumously. She uses her social media skills to also educate and inform on cryptocurrency projects. She is, in a nutshell, bringing about change with crypto and also creating a solution to one of its problems.


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