Mark Van Rijmenam

Mark Van Rijmenam and his impact on Cryptocurrencies

Mark Van Rijmenam is the founder of Datafloq. He is a cryptocurrency, AI, blockchain, big data, and analytics guru. It is obvious that cryptocurrencies and their underlying Blockchain technology have a lot to do with big data as blockchains regularly process and record complex data.

Mark Van Rijmenam

Rijmenam is an intelligent author and as a big data guru; he identifies with cryptocurrencies, and always talk about how cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology can enhance big data analytics, and vice versa.

Mark Van Rijmenam being a cryptocurrency big data analytics guru, coupled with the fact that he is an author, uses his skills of writing, and public speaking to create more awareness on the existence of cryptocurrency plus Blockchain technology. For intermediate and advanced cryptocurrency merchants, he uses his expert knowledge of cryptocurrency plus big data analytics to give detailed lectures and enlighten them on ways they can enhance their businesses with cryptocurrencies and its technology. With these, cryptocurrency investors can get a better idea on how to get their return of investments (ROI).

Rijmenam’s impact on Cryptocurrencies

Mark Van Rijmenam also uses his website and blog to talk about cryptocurrencies, and big data. He gives essential information which helps both old and new cryptocurrency investors.

As a highly sought-after expert speaker on artificial intelligence, big data, and Blockchain, Mark Van Rijmenam, has served as a keynote speaker in a variety of schools, seminars and communities. He has given his voice and knowledge on AI, cryptocurrency, big data and Blockchain both for profit, and for non profit.

Mark Van Rijmenam as an author has written a variety of books on big data and cryptocurrencies such as “Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World”. This book turned out to be a bestseller, and received many positive reviews as it had a significant impact on the lives of cryptocurrency investors. A post by named Mark Van Rijmenam amongst the global top ten Big Data influencers, and one of the most influential people in Blockchain.

Mark Van Rijmenam is a faculty member of the Blockchain Research Institute. With this, he has carried out a lot of proven research to aid in efficiently maximizing the use of Blockchain technology, big data, and cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency community is growing largely with the help of influencers such as Mark van Rijmenam. His positive impacts on cryptocurrency have helped to grow the Blockchain ecosysten. Many people have learnt about cryptocurrency through him and as a result of that, a fairly large number of investors have diversified their portfolios by including digital currencies as another type of investment.

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