allows Proof of Stake & Masternode mining without extreme volatility

Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) July 21th, 2017 –, a Masternode and Staking Service based on Ethereum, allows anyone to venture into Proof of Stake & Masternode mining without being subject to the extreme volatility of one asset or the steep requirements of hosting their own nodes.

According to the “Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study”, a research paper recently published by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), electricity consumption for Bitcoin mining facilities can be estimated at around 462MW, an overwhelmingly high figure which comes from conservative estimate. This figure makes Bitcoin the most secure peer-to-peer network in the world but it also represents an unsustainable waste of resources.

There are, however, several blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies that offer an alternative security system, one that does not require large amounts of electricity to be wasted. Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies allow users to earn passive income from hosting a node and having balance on their wallet. In PoS, the balance acts as the mining power: the more you have, the more you earn.

Certain cryptocurrencies also rely on second layer networks that are comprised of Masternodes. These masternodes usually carry out special functions within the network, such as processing anonymous or instant transactions.

These types of coins have gained their place in the cryptosphere. Cryptocurrencies like DASH, Waves, Stratis, Bitshares, PIVX and NEOS all use a variation of Proof of Stake and some use masternode networks. For users that want to be involved in the cryptocurrency and help mantain the health of the network, these coins are ideal.

However, in order to mine them, the user must set up his own node or masternode which can be challenging and also has its costs. Masternode coins may have high entry barries as their minimum balance requirement is usually steep. Furthermore, the user must also be submitted to the volatility of one single cryptocurrency asset, which can have disastrous results, if the price of the coin drops drastically.

That’s where the project known as, a Masternode and Staking Service, comes in. has designed a solution where anyone can venture into PoS/MN mining without being subject to the extreme volatility of one asset nor the requirements of hosting their own nodes.

To do so, a pool of Proof of Stake and Masternode coins will be created. Then, a predetermined number of MASS tokens will be issued on the Ethereum network. These tokens represent a share in this pool of cryptocurrencies. The then leverages the smart contract capabilities found in Ethereum to distribute the profits from the cryptocurrency pool to MASS holders directly in ETH.

This system eliminates all of the aforementioned problems, while counting with the participation of an experienced team that can select a healthy and diverse pool of PoS/MN cryptocurrencies. A couple of coins that may be considered are NEOS, DASH and Stratis, all of which have high reputations and community support.

About MASS Cloud Ltd.

MASS Cloud Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company that manages the high cost of entry in proof-of-stake and masternode currencies, difficulties in keeping the wallets filled and online at all times, and managing trades between currencies to prevent over funding a single one. The team behind are career professionals with backgrounds in Fortune 300 companies that  believe in the idea of making cryptocurrency less resource intensive by using proof-of-stake.

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