Lootz, from CORE Radio, meets with the developers Clinton McLeay and Kurt Knudsen of The trio discusses about the exciting upcoming ICO of is aiming to solve one of the problems within crypto, namely the ease of access into hosting a masternode. Unfortunately, setting up a masternode can be expensive and extremely difficult. Most “Proof of Stake” coins require a lot of capital in order to meet the requirements of the minimum stake limits. Furthermore, setting up a masternode requires many years of experience in cryptography. will allow those who don’t have capital, or experience, to take advantage of the staking rewards.

Once receiving your tokens, your tokens represent your stake in the PoS pools. As an example, as the PoS coins stake over time (which will be decided by the community), your MASS token represents a percentage of the staked rewards. Essentially, your MASS coins are backed by the PoS coins within their pools. A couple of coins that may be considered are NEOS, DASH, and Stratis, all of which have high reputations and community support. The pools that run will continue to grow over time which in turn will increase the value of the token on exchanges. People of any budget can now invest in cryptocurrencies.

In the show it is discussed the immense experience the team has behind running master nodes. This experience allows users to feel completely safe that the pools will be completely safe because of the use of DDoS protection, VLANs, and multi-factor authentication. A large part of the protection will be done behind the scenes, however, the user will be asked to lock and unlock coins which will be made easy through a simple GUI interface.

If you are interested in a whole new way of investing in cryptocurrencies, head to to participant in the ICO or to read the whitepaper.

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