Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan | A High Ranking Believer in Blockchain

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are millions of people that have accepted the concept of digital currency. And, Melanie Swan is among a number of other notable believers in blockchain. The reason for this is not far-fetched. While a lot of people in the blockchain sector enjoy its application in the area of cryptocurrency, a lot of people remain unaware of how powerful blockchain really is. This, therefore, implies that most people that enjoy the use of blockchain in the area of cryptocurrency do not have an idea of how vital it is to the world of technology. Well, Melanie Swan, as a believer in blockchain has written a book called “Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy”. This book was written in an attempt to educate people on the power and efficacy of blockchain.

 Melanie Swan

Influential Women in Blockchain

Melanie Swan is the 100th most influential person in blockchain according to Richtopia, a UK based firm. She is a technology Futurist, an academic researcher, a believer in blockchain, and a best-selling author. As an author, she is popular for the best seller “Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy”. Melanie has established quite a number of startups in the technology world. Some of them are the institute for blockchain studies, the MS Futures Group, Group Purchase, and the DIYgenomics.

Melanie has an MBA in finance from the University of Pennsylvania. She also has an MA in contemporary Continental Philosophy from the Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Université Paris 8 and Kingston University London, an MA in philosophy from the Mew School for Social Research, New York, and a BA in French and Economics.

The Man Who Met Satoshi?

The book, Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy was written by Melanie Swan and was released in January, 2015. This book is an exposé into the power of blockchain and how little it has been taken advantage of. In this book, Melanie Swan explains how blockchain can become the fifth computing prototype after the internet, PCs, Mainframe, and social media if its power is properly harnessed

Not Everyone is so Enthusiastic About Blockchain…

While there are many blockchain professionals who advocate the use of the distributed ledger in just about every imaginable industry from healthcare to education, there are those who have called it “bullshit”. Yes, bullshit. However, this should not be taken out of context, and deserves more careful examination. Many, such as JPMorgan’s ex-head of blockchain efforts Amber Baldett have equated the blockchains of today 1960s internet. Admittedly, crypto and blockchain are in their infancy, so we should always stay in touch with reality as it pertains to the current state of these technologies.

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