Michael Casey

Michael Casey – From Financial Press to the Blockchain

Michael Casey – Working to Increase Blockchain Awareness   

Many influential people are working tirelessly to make the potential of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology recognised. One of these prominent figures is Michael Casey. Casey has followed this new industry closely, and as soon as he understood its value, his mission became intimately attached to the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Michael Casey

Michael Casey is a versatile man. He is an entrepreneur, columnist, blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, author, public speaker, as well as the Senior Advisor at MIT Media Lab. Indeed he is a man with a lot of knowledge; with 25 years of journalistic experience as well as a lot of skills gathered working in several places around the world. He has dedicated much of his time to the study of the social and economic disruption caused by digital technology and globalisation.

Casey is also a blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist and the author of a few favourite books on the subject. The most popular book authored by Michael Casey is the “Age of Cryptocurrency”. Apart from “Age of Cryptocurrency” another well-known title he also co-authored along with Paul Vigna is “The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything”. His books explore topics ranging from the nature of our globalised world and its social impact to the challenges and opportunities posed by digital currency and the blockchain, as well as it offers a simple explanatory view over this new technology.

From the press to the blockchain

Even though Casey wrote for dozens of other news outlets, he spent most of his career at Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal. He started his Journalistic career at The West Australian newspaper while ending it in the Wall Street Journal in New York City writing for various WSJ and Dow Jones platforms. He was the coordinating editor responsible for a daily newsletter dedicated to global economic and political developments for a long time. He also contributed to WSJ’s Moneybeat blog and hosted one of WSJ Live’s daily video shows.

After turning his back on eighteen years at the Wall Street Journal, as a senior columnist covering financial and global economic trends, Casey decided to dedicate himself entirely to blockchain and cryptocurrency and soon embraced a position at MIT Media Lab as Senior Advisor for Blockchain Opportunities. The Media Lab takes a particular focus on the developing world. Casey is responsible for helping the Digital Currency Initiative to support blockchain-related projects that have the potential for social impact.  He is now working to implement large-scale blockchain-based solutions that go from financial inclusion and payments to voting, identity and asset registration.

His broad knowledge and contacts developed during his journalist experience where he covered digital currency, the blockchain and the ecosystem growing around it. This gave him an insightful view of the potential solutions that can be pushed by this new technology.

Michael Casey contribute to the blockchain

Casey is a powerful speaker with an extensive experience talking before big audiences and different listeners. He usually debates subjects that range from globalisation and social media, finance and economics, blockchain technology and disruption. He specialises in bringing an optimised explanatory version of topics that are generally difficult to grasp. He can turn these problematic topics into a version that a non-expert can easily understand.

Casey recognised the social benefits coming from the blockchain technology and decided to take part of the movement to help build the right mechanisms to bring it to practical use in a way that the average Joe would easily comprehend.

Casey is an agile adviser and also provides consultancy and helps executives and senior managers understand the challenges and opportunities posed by the distributed ledger technology. He is considered to be on the top hundred most influential blockchain people. His great skill as a communicator and an explainer has helped increase awareness of the subject. Taking an easy and simple to understand approach to the general public on this subject is still something difficult to achieve, but Casey already mastered a few explanatory strategies which have helped increase awareness around cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Casey has high expectations for this new technology. He foresees ramifications that go far beyond than finance and well in play with the Internet of Things. He firmly believes the blockchain technology, will ultimately have a disruptive impact on our economy and society.

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