cryptomatoes in Prague making headlines

Miner Growing Cryptomatoes Using Heat From Mining Rigs

Massive computing power goes into cryptocurrency mining, generating a lot of heat, and this is something miners have to deal with. Until now, there weren’t many productive ways to put that heat to good use. However, one miner seems to have found a way to use this heat, or as he puts it, produce fresh cryptomatoes.

A miner, Kamil Brejcha, based out of Prague, is now putting this otherwise wasted heat energy to efficient use. He is using this heat to grow greenhouse vegetables. One of his tweets on Twitter showed pictures of him growing tomatoes or cryptomatoes.

Five Acres of Land to Produce Fresh Cryptomatoes

The mining rigs of Kamil Brejcha blow the hot air they generate into his greenhouse. He does not require traditional heaters for growing tomatoes since he now uses crypto-mining as a heat source to grow cryptomatoes. The weather of his country is very cold, not making it possible to grow tomatoes in the natural environment. Kamil Brejcha is putting this heat to use by helping it to grow vegetables as well.

The miner plans to launch a new “agritechture” blockchain start-up once he sorts out some issues in his farming system. He declined to provide further details about his future plans relating to the agritechture blockchain. However, he did share that his company is an agritechture stealth start-up that helps create agriculture, energy & a “blockchain-symbiotic” solution. He also explained that he currently drives the energy from the communal bio-waste.

Not Growing Marijuana

Kamil Brejcha was asked by someone on Twitter why he did not choose to grow Marijuana and went for tomatoes instead. He replied by saying that he could not obtain a license for growing marijuana because of the strict local rules of his country.

There is a growing concern about the potential impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment. Last week, municipality of Plattsburgh in upstate New York unanimously suspended future approvals for applications or permits to establish new commercial cryptocurrency mining operations in that area.

The town is well known for offering cheap electricity, which makes it a great place for miners looking to save themselves big bucks on electricity bills. Currently, the town has two major mining operations running that have spiked the demand for energy & also resulted in increased energy rates.

Tomatoes Gain More than Just Heat from Blockchain Technology

Growing tomatoes is one way to benefit agriculture produce using blockchain technology. Some blockchain startups in Italy are using immutability to track the international supply chain. Raja Ramachandran, an ex-Wells Fargo Banker, along with a Nasdaq Executive Phil Harris is running one such startup to add immutability to the supply chain.

Italy has recently come under a lot of criticism after an investigation into its south tomato plantations revealed massive labor exploitation. The use of blockchain technology allows immutable tracking of the workforce. Hopefully, this would help improve the conditions of the immigrant laborers working on tomato farms in Italy. CryptoCoreMedia already covered the use of blockchain technology by Coca-Cola and the US State Department to help overcome forced labor.