Monaize | Bridging Banking and Blockchain

The crypto community has enthusiastically witnessed a gigantic growth this year. However, blockchain technology has yet to prove itself as a global payment system. Due to complexity, technical limitations and lack of integration, cryptocurrencies are still far from mainstream adoption. Projects like Monaize are already planning to solve these issues and bringing FinTech into the spotlight, changing the way we do banking and financial services.


Monaize is a mobile-based e-banking platform that specializes in serving freelancers and small businesses, a crowd that is frequently neglected by the traditional banking system. It also focuses on offering business-to-business (B2B) solutions for startup entrepreneurs and it’s the first platform to provide an instant Know Your Business (KYB) system. The KYB system not only gives users access to a vast array of e-banking features but most importantly, it allows users to create a business account using a smartphone in less than five minutes, simplifying what would be a rather complex process.

Currently, Monaize makes possible to open a business bank account, take out professional insurance and access to crowdlending solutions. Other services include factoring, bookkeeping and invoicing, and a payment system via mPOS or SMS/E-mail.

Monaize is currently only available in Europe but plans to expand to the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Malaysia in the upcoming years. And the intention is not only to expand geographically but also keep expanding their services and value to the end user, in order to bridge banking and blockchain. But Monaize is not alone in their mission and has, in fact, teamed up with the Komodo Platform to host the first decentralized ICO (dICO).

Komodo and Monaize: A symbiotic relationship

The Komodo Platform is Monaize’s gateway to blockchain technology, offering privacy, security, scalability and other features like KV storage and independent asset chain capabilities. Most importantly, Komodo serves as a gateway to stable fiat-pegged currencies and will expand into a modular full smart contract platform.

The Monaize token (MNZ) is created within Komodo blockchain, using Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol and Equihash mining. It will also share features and benefit from the open-source Zcash technology, and use Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW), a service provided by Komodo Platform that acts as an additional layer of security. In order to reward token holders, the team has developed an automatic Loyalty Reward Distribution API. The MNZ token sale will take place on the next 20th of October at 12 pm, will last for the following 30 days and have 70% of tokens distributed through investors.

“Our mission is to push the boundaries of innovation through a long-term partnership with the Komodo Platform. Our joint vision is to bridge banking and blockchain, and to help cryptocurrencies achieve mainstream adoption.” — Monaize


The inception of neobanking is just a matter of time, and Monaize will definitely have it’s role to play in the upcoming change. Not only that, the global workforce is evolving to be made up of independent workers, and focusing on servicing the small businesses and freelance workers is a smart move by the Monaize team. The platform already offers a variety of different services that set them apart from the competition, and as the Komodo team continues to develop their products, all features will be shared and free to be used in the Monaize platform.