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S1: Hello! And welcome to Crypto Radio. This is LooTz, coming to you live. And today we have a very interesting service coming out. I think it’s better he tells us about it, because I honestly didn’t do too much research on it. It was recommended to me. Somebody said that they’re great, they’re amazing, and they’re doing good work. So, I brought ‘em on. Hey, why not? Let’s all learn together.
I have Alex from PrograMonks. Hey, Alex, welcome to the show.
S2: Hello, LooTz. And hello, Crypto Core Radio fans. How everyone is doing?
S1: I’m sure here, in New York, they’re all having some lunch right now, listening to us.
S2: Excellent.
S1: So, how did you come up with the name PrograMonks?
S2: Basically, we wanted something different. We wanted something that had some relationship with programming, because we’re a software developing company, but we wanted more twist on it, as well. Like real life monks, they’re dedicated to one thing. So, PrograMonks came together as we’re dedicated to the apps that we do, and focusing on our users and all that. So, that’s pretty much how the name came together.
S1: Gotcha. I like monks. I watch all the old Kung Fu movies – you know Shaolin Temple?
S2: I’m not a huge fan, to be honest, but yeah, I don’t mind them.
S1: They jump in the air, they kick like five times, and they stay up there a long time. It’s really amazing.
S2: You can’t beat that – you can’t.
S1: Tell us what PrograMonks is about. What does it do?
S2: We’re a very young software development company. And so far, we have just one app, which is called CoinMarketApp. It’s been around for quite a while now. In the past one to one and a half year, it got a bit of attention with all the rising of crypto currency.
Basically, we have one app on iOS and Android. And we’re working day and night on it, pretty much.
S1: All right. So, it’s kind of like a Blockfolio?
S2: Kind of, but it gives you much more features than Blockfolio. Again, it has the portfolio feature in it. But except from that, you can get crypto currency prices, the different graphs, historic data. You can also get crypto currency news, custom alerts. You can get all the recently added coins that were added in the last days. You can get Heroes and Zeroes, which is a feature that gives you the top gainers and the top losers for people who trade – that’s a bit more popular for people who trade on a day-to-day basis.
S1: You know what’s funny? I actually have it installed on my phone.
S2: Oh, have you?
S1: I do.
S2: This is the first time I come across a person who has the app installed, actually. And it’s really exciting, I have to say.
S1: I try everything. I see it’s that gold logo.
S2: It is, yes.
S1: It’s really… The layout is nicer than Blockfolio. I like the layout. And the charting is nicer, also. You can put your thumb anywhere on the chart, and it will tell you the price at that point in time, whereas with Blockfolio, it’s a lot more difficult to do that. That’s probably why I installed it. And why I kept it, honestly – because if I don’t like them, I delete them.
Yeah, it looks really nice. You team made this application?
S2: Yes, we have.
S1: Where does it pull the data from? Where do the APIs pull the data from?
S2: We pull the data – at the moment, we use two APIs. The data for the coins, the prices, and the graphs and all that, we grab that from And the data for exchanges, we pull that from cryptocompare at the moment.
S1: I have friends at CryptoCompare. Very cool.
And so, it looks good, it’s very pretty. What kind of goals do you have with this app? What do you imagine? What’s your vision for it? What do you think it will do further?
S2: Basically, what we want with this app is to create a crypto currency multitool where every user going to this app, or platform if you like, and find anything related to crypto currency. That might prices, that might be exchanges, it might be some knowledge on how to do something.
So basically, to give you a picture, we would like to make this app something like the Swiss army knife of crypto – something like that.
S1: Oh, okay. Very cool. You know what I would like to see as features? I’d like to see some wallets. So not only could you track your portfolio, but you can actually send your coins to your phone.
S2: Okay…
S1: And have a wallet incorporated with crypto coin app.
S2: That won’t be in the near future, but a little bit more down the line, because there are some other things that take priority to that. For example, creating an account for the users; for authentication and all that, so they can transfer their profile and everything into different devices, multiple devices.
S1: Is this only for the phone? Is there a desktop version?
S2: No. There’s just an Android and an iOS version.
S1: What’s your website?
S2: That’s
S1: Okay. Is there any relation to CoinMarketCap?
S2: No, we’re not affiliated at all with CoinMarketCap.
S1: All right. How did you get into crypto?
S2: In 2015, me and another two friends of mine, we started getting into mining. And we were mining at one of my friends’ house. At the time, we bought three graphic cards. And they were mining 24/7. We had a huge fan on top of them. We chucked all three of them into a tower PC. And we dedicated that for mining. And basically, wanted to check the crypto currency prices. And at the time, we built a very simple app. All that it was doing was just pulling down the prices for the different coins – that’s all it was doing, nothing else.
After a while, we’ve seen it growing a little bit. So, the app was created, again, in 2015. And after we’ve seen it growing, we started paying more attention to it. And once we started getting some interaction from the users, we were working more, we wanted to develop it.
And here we are today with around 800,000 downloads.
S1: Wow.
S2: It’s going well so far. So, we want to keep it this way.
S1: Did you wake up one morning, like the night before was only like 10 downloads, and then the next day, there was 100,000 downloads?
S2: No, no. The jump wasn’t that instant.
S1: Cause that would have been a great morning erection right there.
S2: Yeah.
I wouldn’t say it was an overnight success, but it came after some time.
S1: Okay. I’m noticing in the exchanges area, these are all centralized exchanges. Do you have any decentralized exchanges on here, like BarterDEX?
S2: No. To be honest, we don’t.
S1: If you need help with, you could contact PTYX. PTYX provides services for Komodo. Maybe they can help hook it up for you so that you could get another DEX. I see you’ve got TRUSTdex in here, and Tidex – I think Tidex is centralized, though, I don’t know why they call it ‘ex’. Oh well, exchange – right? It’s not a DEX. ‘Tidex’ – it’s a little mis…
I see you’ve got Waves in here. That’s great. Is waves DEX, decentralized?
S2: I think so.
S1: I heard otherwise somewhere. I’ve got to check that out.
I would suggest getting more DEXs in here, because eventually, the centralized exchanges, they’re going to go; once the DEXs are build better, and people can use them easy.
S2: Yep.
S1: Have you ever considered adding more DEXs?
S2: We haven’t considered it yet, no, because we’re focusing on some other things at the moment.
So, these exchanges here are more like informative exchanges. If you go to the portfolio, and try to add a coin, I believe the list of exchanges that we pull from CryptoCompare is more extensive. That’s not all the exchanges we have in the app.
S1: Oh, okay. Well, if you want to, just get in touch with PTYX, and maybe he can help you connect it. Or even contact JL777 directly. Tell him you spoke to LooTz – I used to manage their marketing at one point in time. And he’ll help you out.
S2: Okay, yeah. I’m taking a note of it right now.
S1: JL777. He might tell you to talk to another developer, but PTYX might be able to help you, also. I used to work with them. They’re all really cool guys, and they’re more than happy to help you get their exchange on there. So, you have another option – right?
S2: Yep, yep, of course.
S1: And a decentralized option for people who like anonymous.
S2: I took a note of them here so I don’t forget.
S1: Another reason why I use it, I noticed how I’ve set up alerts. You can set up an alert when any coin goes below a certain price, or above a certain price – it will alert you. And when I get alerted, I have the Samsung watch, so I get it on my watch. I can see the alerts on my watch.
S2: For people who trade, that’s quite useful to have.
S1: Yeah. As soon as it goes down below a certain level, I’m like, ‘All right, my bids were fulfilled.’
S2: Exactly.
S1: It’s pretty nice. And then, you know to go back, and set another alert. When it goes over a certain point, then you know you sold it at a higher price.
S2: Exactly.
S1: It’s definitely a great tool you’ve got here.
Is there anything that anybody has to pay for, or is this free?
S2: This is free, but it comes with ads. We keep the whole app free, and we’ve committed that the app will remain free. And if anyone wants to get rid of the ads, they pay a monthly fee. And then, they’re ad-free. And we also give a 2% of our monthly income from the subscription – it’s been given to a charity of our choice, as well. We want to give another incentive to our users that if they subscribe, they’re not just helping us, but they’re helping some charities, as well.
S1: Oh, wow… That’s very nice of you. I don’t even know if your competitors do something like that. Who would you consider your competitor? Blockfolio?
S2: I would say Blockfolio and Delta, probably.
S1: Delta – I’ve heard of that one, too. Delta is a little annoying. If you don’t use it, you start getting popups, ‘Why haven’t you used it yet?’ And then, I removed it.
S2: We are not that pushy. We give the option to disable the notifications. So, if you get fed up with us, just disable the notifications from the settings.
S1: It’s not even an ad, it’s the app itself telling you to use it. Like, ‘You haven’t entered any coins. Why not?’ You’ve got a popup asking you these questions. It’s like, ‘Because I don’t freaking feel like it right now.’
S2: Everybody is trying to get their users interacting in different ways. We, personally, try to do it as less intrusive as possible by providing value first instead of being in your face, ‘Use it.’
S1: I’m surprised none of these apps, portfolio applications – I’m surprised none of them have created their own token yet, or crypto. Have you ever considered doing that? People could pay the token to utilize the application. You know what was cool? Have you ever heard of Quantum?
S2: Quantum? No, I haven’t.
S1: It was really cool. This is how old – I’m showing my age here. It was a coin that was out many years ago – I think it’s still around somewhere – and you were able to trade in the wallet, do trades in the wallet, automatic trading like C.A.T. And to unlock the good features, like an arbitrage feature where you could connect multiple exchanges, and do arbitrage, you would have to have 2,000 Quantum in the wallet in order for the feature to work.
S2: All right. That’s smart.
S1: If you want to use it, you have to just hold it in the wallet – that’s it. And if you get rid of it, you lose the feature. It was actually really cool. It was really cool. And it was nice, because it gave a use case to the coin.
S2: Yeah.
S1: It’s something to consider. I have good ideas all the time. I don’t get paid for them, but I have them all the time. I’m sure people have stolen tons of my ideas. So, run with it.
S2: We haven’t considered it, to be honest, because we’re focusing all of our energy on development, basically, and pushing the app. But yeah, definitely something to keep in mind for the future. And if we ever do, we will compensate you appropriately, as well – we won’t forget you.
S1: Awesome, man. All I want is a Tesla Roadster.
S2: Don’t we all? Don’t we all?
S1: It’s not that much. It’s only going for a quarter million dollars right now. It’s not too much money.
S2: One day, one day.
S1: You can preorder it. It’s not out yet. You can preorder it, though.
Tell us about your team. How big is the coin app team?
S2: We are a total of six members. We have myself and another person; she’s in marketing with me, and development. We have three developers on Android app, and we have one developer on the iOS app. And all of us are working part-time as we’re also doing our day-to-day jobs. So, we run this on the side and after work, basically – weekends and all that.
S1: I used to do that same thing. I used to do this regular show after work. After 12 hours of work, I used to come home, and do this. And you know what? It paid off. It pays off. You know, not everybody likes their jobs, and when you do what you like to do afterwards, it becomes more important in your life. The more you do something, the more important it is in your life. Even if you really want something, you keep thinking about it – right? You always think about it. Until you achieve what you want. A lot of it is in the mind. I’m not really sure where I was going with all this…
S2: What was that trigger that you woke up one day and you were like, ‘Boom – I have to quit my job, and focus on that full-time’?
S1: Yeah. And everybody looks at you like you’re crazy – right? ‘You’re going to quit your job…? What, are you crazy? How are you going to make money?’
And getting out of that slave position is like one of the most important things anybody could do for themselves.
S2: When did it clicked for you that you had to do that? You had to leave your job behind, and go for this? You just woke up one day, and went for it?
S1: No, no. I had a major surgery at one point. I almost died. And then, when I woke up, I realized that I didn’t live my life. I’ve been working every day just so that I could keep living the next day. And then, when you die, you wake up in the hospital, and your family is over there crying, then you start thinking, ‘The fuck, man? I haven’t hung out with any of my family, I haven’t had any good times with family and friends, because I’ve worked 12 fucking hours a day for years. I don’t have a life.’ You realize that you don’t have a life. Because going to work is not a life. You’ve got friends there that don’t really give a fuck about you. And you’ve got to realize that they’re all there for work, no one is there to really make friends. Even though they’re nice people, they’re not going to come to your rescue in the moment of need. You family is going to do that, and your real friends.
You’ve got to realize that you’re stuck in a position… And unfortunately, we’re the only animals in the world that have to pay to keep living.
S2: That’s very true.
S1: There’s also the stifling of creativity and human growth. Our whole society stops growing, because everyone starts doing this monotonous daily routine. And we’re not going anywhere anymore, because you have to pay to keep living, to keep the vicious cycle going. And the only people that are making decisions are these politicians, and people who don’t have to worry about a job every day, because they have so much money they really don’t give a shit. They just want to keep getting paid. And we pay through our nose in taxes so that they can stay in their big pents.
S2: So, you might as well do what you like to do.
S1: Just cut it all off. And what I did – it didn’t happen suddenly. I had been through Hurricane Sandy, I lived on the streets for a little while. And at one point in time, I cut everything off. No car, no insurance, no phone. Every bill you have hold you down. You have to cut them all off. Do you really need a cellphone? I mean, there was a time nobody had cellphones – right?
S2: That’s true.
S1: There was a time when you had to use the bus and taxis. I say it, because it’s really expensive here. To ensure your car is like $200 to $300 a month – just for the insurance on the car. I mean, that’s a lot of money, bro, just for insurance. That’s more than the payment on the car.
S2: Yeah.
S1: And then, by the time you get done with food, electricity, and a plethora of other things, you’re living paycheck to paycheck. What are you saving? $100? If that. If you’re not going in debt. And that’s the cycle. And people keep doing it every day, and every day, and every day, and every day. And then, what’s it gonna take? Do you have to almost die to realize you didn’t do anything?
And that’s not everybody’s position. Some people like their jobs. Some people love what they do.
S2: Yeah. On the other hand, a job is a safety net, as well – isn’t it? You might be suppressing your real feelings, and what you could have been doing you’re not doing, but it gives you a monthly salary. So, some people are happy with that. And at the end of the day, whether you’re working, or whether you’re doing your own thing, as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing, then that’s the important bit for me.
S1: Right. And to all the young people, I always say – get the money first. Follow the money, and not the dream first. And then, once you have the money, then you can follow the dream. Instead of following the dream, going to school for ten years, or whatever, five years, whatever it takes for your goal. And then, at the end realizing, ‘I don’t like what I do.’ Your tastes changes when you get older. Things change. So, by the time you start this goal, when you’re young, 18, by the time you get to where you want to be, you might not like what you do anymore. So, do what you want to do, and get that money first. Whatever makes you more money. I don’t care if you’ve got to work three jobs at the same time. Make the money, stack it up. And then, when you’re ready, you can do what you want to do. You can quit and say, ‘Listen, I’m going to be an artist. I’m going to draw caricatures for people at $50 each. I could do 10 a day, I could 20, 100 a day, and I could make some good money.’
Everything needs money to start off with. Get the money first. That’s why I say, ‘Get the money first.’ And then, you can do whatever you want.
S2: That’s true. If you’re able to combine the two from the beginning, that’s a best case scenario.
S1: Yeah. Well, if you could do both immediately, yeah, that’s great. So, if you want to be an artist, and go to art school, do artwork for people on the side so you know what it’s really like in the industry. Because you don’t know what it’s really like. School doesn’t show you what it’s really like. You don’t even know if you’re going to get a job if you come out of school these days. Everyone has got a freaking Master’s degree. You can buy it online for like 300 bucks.
S2: That’s very true. That’s our two cents in life.
S1: Yeah, yeah.
You’re an example. You do development in your regular job – right?
S2: No. My regular job is cybersecurity sales. On the side, when dealing with the app, I deal with marketing and business development, reaching out to more users, increasing our user base.
S1: Okay. That’s good. That’s good stuff. But you’re doing what you like to do on the side. And that’s the most important thing.
Are there any other coins out there that you like? Maybe that you would like to invest in? I know I’m getting personal.
S2: No. I mean… We don’t get into investments too much, because we just don’t have the time to do the research. We’ve done some small investments in Cardano, but nothing major. Because these things, they need research, they need following up. And we prefer to divert that time, and all that effort to the app instead.
S1: Gotcha. And any idea of when the next update to this app is going to happen? What’s the next feature that I can look forward to?
S2: The next big feature – well, you might not look forward to it, but I’m sure some of our users will – is supporting the Spanish language within the app.
S1: Okay.
S2: Basically, we’re rolling out Spanish for both Android and iOS. And we want to add other languages, as well, to catch as many users as possible; and to reach out as further as possible, as well. We started with Spanish, and some other languages will follow, as well.
We have some other new features coming, but we wouldn’t like to comment on those just yet. But when they come out, we’re more than happy to book another session with you, and go through them again maybe.
S1: Yeah, sure. Well, what I’d actually like you to do is bring on the rest of your team.
S2: I’d like to do that.
S1: I want to know who the actual developer is, and I want to get technical with him. Because there’s only so much technical talk. What’s it take to build this app? What language is it written in?
S2: That’s [inaudible 31:19] Java for Android, and Swift for iOS.
S1: Which one was harder to build when you built it? Is the Android easier to start with when you’re building an app, or is iOS easier?
S2: This depends on the guy building it, I believe. If you’re talking with a more junior developer, of course, it’d going to look harder for them. But in general, people say that Swift is a bit easier than Java. And I believe it’s a bit more straightforward in general – Swift rather than Java.
S1: Okay. That’s very cool. I am an Android guy, I like Android. I had an iPhone 10, and I didn’t like it. And so, I got the Samsung S9+.
S2: Okay. Are you happy with your cellphone?
S1: It’s so much nicer. It’s something about iPhone that really… I don’t know, I feel like it’s blocking me all the time.
S2: You have a feeling of limitation.
S1: Yeah, like it’s asking permission constantly.
S2: Yeah. I get the same feeling, so I see where you’re coming from.
S1: With everything, you’ve got to input your user name, you’ve got to input your password, you can’t use Google Play, your account is an issue. I mean, it’s ridiculous, man. APKs is the way to go.
S2: True, true.
S1: Hey, brother, thanks for coming on the show. We are going a little over the time.
Where can people reach you if they want to do business with your crypto coin application?
S2: You can reach us within the app. On the side menu of the app, you can see a support button where you can contact us from there, or you can contact us directly to We take all the emails into consideration. And we have a habit of listening a lot to our users.
If you go into the Play store, and you see the reviews in there – we’re really proud of it, actually – the users are saying that, ‘I wanted this fix done, and the developers listened to us, and they’ve implemented it’, and all that. So, we take very seriously the users’ requests. And if it’s something that we’re able to do, we just go ahead and do it. We just put it on our long list of things to do, and it gets done eventually.
So, yeah, for anyone that wants to reach out for any type of inquiry, or collaboration.
S1: Okay. Also, I want to mention that your app – I’ve been comparing it back and forth with Blockfolio – it’s easier on the eyes. It’s not like a dark black in the background, it’s a nice gray. I think the contrast is perfect. When looking at Blockfolio, switch back, it’s not as nice on the eyes. The white is really harsh on the eyeball. Yours is nicer on my eyes to look at.
S2: It’s a bit calmer, isn’t it?
S1: There’s something more calm about it, exactly. Very cool.
All right, man. Thank you for joining us today. I really appreciate you coming on, and telling us about how this app works, the features.
If I was a coin, do I contact you? If there was a coin that I wanted to get on your app, how does that work?
S2: We had this request before. And unfortunately, because at the moment we grab all the coins from, all our APIs are pointing that way. So, we cannot actually add any coins other than what been added to the website.
S1: All right. So simply, you just have to make sure you’re on
S2: Exactly.
S1: And the way you do that is you go to the bottom of the page, people, and there’s like a little submission form.
S2: Mm-hmm.
Again, we don’t do anything with the website, we’re not affiliated. So, whenever we have such type of requests, we just redirect the users to use the website.
S1: That’s good. And that’s makes it easier for you. Less problems for you, and less fake coins that might go up. I’m sure CoinMarketCap does a little bit of filtering.
S2: Yep. We don’t have to do that, basically.
S1: Very awesome. Very awesome, man. Next time you guys have a big update, definitely come on and let me know.
We are over 30 minutes, for sure. I’m pretty sure we’re over 30 minutes now.
You did a great job. Just hold on one second.
S2: Sure.
S1: Now we have 18 people listening. I have no idea how they knew that, because I didn’t announce this show.
All right, guys, 18 people listening right now, thank you for joining us. I’m not sure how the hell you knew I was live right now, but you knew. And I appreciate that. You were probably listening to the music – that’s probably what happened.
All right, guys, thanks for joining us today. That was Crypto Coin App. And it looks really cool. Try it on on the phone. I imagine there’s going to be a lot more apps coming out, because everything is moving to the phone – the thing is like a cool little computer; amazing things, these phones.
These is LooTz. I love you all. Signing out.
S2: Thanks for having me, LooTz.
S1: Hey, brother, you did a great job, man.
S2: Thanks, thanks. Again, it’s Coin Market App. And you can find us on Play store and iOS. Thanks for having me, LooTz.
S1: No problem, brother.

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