Moya Networks Launches. Brings High Speed Internet To Africa

Pretoria, South Africa, (Crypto Press Release) October 3rd, 2017 – Moya Networks, a submarine cable capacity provider is launching its cryptocurrency token pre-sale on October 11th at 8 AM UCT.  During the presale MOY tokens will be distributed at a discounted rate. The full ICO launch is as follows:

Start date:1st  Nov 2017 (8:00 AM UTC)
End date:30th  Nov 2017 (8:00 AM UTC)

Participate using Ethereum or Bitcoin.  

The Moya Network project has one major goal, and that is to bring internet, at higher speedway ds to the entire African continent using high capacity fiber optic cable.  This type of cable is the most reliable way to provide internet to the population and this cable goes underground and at the bottom of the sea.  

Moya Networks is a provider of this costly submarine capacity cable, but its demand is enormous currently because the internet in Africa is scarcely available.  The Moya Team has contracted with ACE or African Coast to Europe Submarine to provide the installation of cable at the African ocean floors.

By 2018, the goal of Moya Networks is to have Africa Coast to Europe Submarine (ACE) fully functioning and Internet will be available in greater abundance over the African continent.

Carrington Phillip, CEO of Moya Networks stated: “Moya is passionate about providing affordable internet services to the next Billion – Africans in rural areas

The funds gathered from the ICO will be used to finance the purchase of the ACE Submarine Cable based on the existing contract,in order  to provide this material to the continent of Africa.

Also, the Moya team will purchase the excess cable on the West Africa Cable System (WACS) along with backup equipment from nearby vendors, to be installed in the Moya backhaul Network. Other funds are to be allocated to the team and administration.  

Be advised, after the ICO, no more tokens will be created and only the existing MOY will be able to circulate, be bought and sold on exchanges.  

Media Contact:  Carrington Phillips

Contact : Linked In

Project Website:  The Moya Network Site

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