Mycelium and Waves Platform Announce Shared Roadmap

Mycelium and Waves Platform Announce Shared Roadmap

Mycelium and Waves Platform announce the shared roadmap for the implementation of custom assets circulation over blockchain. Mycelium Wallet environment will support the issuance and distribution of various digital tokens that will represent the broad spectra of assets including major fiat currencies.

Mycelium is an innovative payment platform that combines blockchain technology with traditional national currency payments. On top of their flagship mobile wallet product, Mycelium offers payment processing (Mycelium Gear), cold storage (Mycelium Entropy), and a hardware storage/payment solution (Mycelium Card).

Waves is a new blockchain platform focused on custom token creation, transfer and exchange. Blockchain tokens constitute fiat currencies, financial instruments, vouchers, marketing bonus points and other items of value. Waves platform develops a “trustless” token exchange that will enable decentralized trading directly on the blockchain.

Mycelium and Waves share a vision of blockchain-enabled fiat transfers actively supporting national currencies as a primary value transfer medium. The blockchain-based approach will enable a less expensive cross-border remittance, convenient handling of everyday bills and other simple consumer benefits. But the potential marketing geography of token usage is an impressive one. Besides using tokens backed by financial institutions and other third parties, Mycelium Wallet holders will create their individual proprietary tokens of any kind. They will assign various values and senses to those digital assets, transfer them to fellow users, and even trade them against government supported fiat currencies.

Waves tokens will travel over the network of Mycelium Cards – hardware wallets of the regular ISO ID1 size with wireless units, keypads, rechargeable batteries, and displays on board. Each card is the wallet and POS terminal in one. Cards perform peer-to-peer connections that will later upgrade to full-scale mesh-networking. Besides prominent bitcoin and fiat wallet usage, cards are perfect for loyalty programs, airline miles collection, etc.

Mycelium and Waves teams wield complementary knowledge bases and a significant technological overlap. The synergy effect of the two platforms merged will demonstrate itself as soon as September 2016 when first custom token realization should occur.