Neos | “an incredibly important, disruptive, and liberating piece of technology”

Neos is launching its v3.0 beta, which will mark a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency’s history. Neos has now shifted to provide a core set of services that will form “a completely decentralized web” and lower the entry barrier into the cryptocurrency world by mainstream audiences.

Set to be released in seven days, the upcoming beta release will allow users to get a feel of what’s coming to Neos 3.0, a web browser-like app in which the pages are served by the network peers with no third services or technologies involved, which. This will allow Neos to behave like an immutable and decentralized web in which users can host and rate content, interact and even earn NEOS while doing so. The website reads:

“We’re excited to release what we believe is an incredibly important, disruptive, and liberating piece of technology powered by incentive, self-governance and decentralization through the blockchain.”

Since websites and content in the Neos network are served by the p2p network itself, all content is immutable and uncensored. However, the reward model applied in the Neos blockchain helps keep quality in check by rewarding popular content and accurate curation. While miners are rewarded with a portion of the block reward, users also receive part of the block reward as an incentive for network contributions.

This creates a system where anyone can earn cryptocurrency without an initial investment simply by contributing on the web, which we currently do for free. While NEOS can be easily acquired for free within the platform, the system is able to create demand for the token through the use of premium services within the platform, which give the user certain perks like smaller domains or special accounts.

The premium service system also means that Neos is a deflationary currency, since part of the coins spent on the platform’s premium features are destroyed (burnt). The other (smaller) part is sent to a development fund that helps further develop and maintain the platform.

Further demand for the token is also created as an investment possibility. Since NEOS uses a second layer network of masternodes that provide special features like anonymous and instant transfers, users can buy NEOS to earn interest on it. In order to become a masternode, users must lock at least 5k NEOS, which cannot be moved during that time.

As so, Neos is truly able to provide “a completely decentralized web”in which anyone can be both an end user or service provider, which certain services being provided by the blockchain itself in an automated manner that also adds value to all the network participants due to the deflationary properties of its underlying value token.

Neos v3.0 open beta stage and is scheduled to be released in seven days. To learn more about the Neosphere and get a sneak peak at the platform, check out the Neos v3.0 Preview video and visit the community forum.