Neos is launching its v3.0 beta, marking a pivotal moment in cryptocurrency’s history

Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) July 27th, 2017 – Neos is launching its v3.0 beta, which will mark a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency’s history.

The internet has allowed humanity to connect on a completely new level, providing the necessary tools to share information and to reach out to people we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Our Internet, however, is built on a fragile centralized infrastructure that allows for large corporations to profit from the activity in it.

 Neos, however, is on the course of changing the way we perceive and interact with the internet, making it a place where everyone can benefit from their own value, rather than just a few companies. Set to be released in three days, the new Neos v3.0 beta release will be the base for the Neos platform. The website reads:

“We’re excited to release what we believe is an incredibly important, disruptive, and liberating piece of technology powered by incentive, self-governance and decentralization through the blockchain.”

Neos is a web browser-like app in which the pages are “served by the network peers with no third services or technologies involved”, making all content immutable and uncensored. The NEOS community ensures that content is curated through a reward model applied by the Neos network itself. This model rewards content creation and curation in the platform with newly created NEOS coins.

While NEOS can be easily acquired for free within the platform, the system is able to create demand for the token through the use of premium services like smaller domains or special accounts. The premium service system also means that Neos is a deflationary currency, since part of the coins spent on the platform’s premium features are publically destroyed.

Neos v3.0 open beta stage and is scheduled to be released in x days. To learn more about the Neosphere and get a sneak peak at the platform, check out the Neos v3.0 Preview video and visit the community forum.


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