New Developments Propel the Waves Token to $1 Mark

In what seems to be the result of the latest developments within the platform, Waves has surpassed the $1 mark. Currently sitting at $1.35, Waves has grown roughly 44% in the last 24h with more than 1.2k BTC exchanged in the BTC/WAVES markets. Click here to see live price charts.

This upsurge in the value of the Waves token is possibly connected to the the recent Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service cloud (BaaS) integration, which will allow developers to offer a wide range of blockchain-based solutions and tools. The integration was announced via Azure’s official blog and can be seen here. Konstantin Goldstein, Microsoft Russia’s Principal Technical Evangelist said:

“This new addition to the BaaS pool of platforms contributes to shaping a unique environment for developers and for companies interested in blockchain projects. Blockchain as a Service will enable them to set up a blockchain infrastructure in one click, as well as integrate advanced technologies in their projects, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and so on.”

The introduction of Waves to Microsoft Azure BaaS provides new opportunities for companies and software developers who would like to issue tokens using a blockchain, for example, but is also an amazing opportunity for the Waves Platform to demonstrate its value to a wider audience. Sasha Ivanov, founder and CEO of the Waves Platform commented on the recent Microsoft Azure/Waves Platform integration:

“Microsoft was one of the first major IT companies to officially acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology. Azure was designed to offer affordable solutions to companies that, due to their size, wouldn’t have enough resources to launch their own software platforms. Blockchain as a Service is a quick, economical, low-risk platform for deploying open blockchain protocols. As an open, flexible and scalable cloud platform, Azure has a lot in common with Waves. We are also looking at new ways of computing, and of making powerful functionality available to end consumers. I believe partnering with Microsoft will enable us to achieve big results.”

Although the Microsoft Azure integration can be seen as a driving force behind the price rally, so can the recent updates made by the team, both in development and marketing. Recently, both the Waves Decentralized Exchange and the Waves leasing tool were released on the Waves Liteclient, making it much easier for users to take full advantage of the platform’s features.

Not only that, but they will also be able to access these same features through any iOS device, as the Waves Platform wallet joined the exclusive list (currently seven) of cryptocurrencies accepted by the Apple AppStore. The app can be downloaded here. According to the team, the mobile app is a key part of Waves’ strategy to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to mainstream audiences.

Another interesting development that may also be a factor in the recent rally, is the impressive amount of funds gathered by the recent ICOs in the Waves Platform, including Kolionovo, EncryptoTel and MobileGo, with the ZrCoin ICO launching later today

As a result of the fast-paced development and the amount of features and tools available within the platform, the community is now working on a Waves Wiki that will have all necessary information regarding the Waves Platform and will be available in many languages.

Although the first version of the wiki was created by the Waves core team and the community work is being supervised by members of the Waves team, content and translation is mostly being done by members of the community who are incentivized through a carefully built bounty program.

If you are interested in helping out, contact @KarlKarlsson or join the #waveswiki channel on the Waves Slack.