New IOTA Website has Spelling Mistakes

A New IOTA Website

IOTA which is currently the 9th cryptocurrency by market cap is based on tangle and not blockchain. It is still decentralized open source and without any transactions fees. These innovations are interesting ones. However, with their official website being the first point of contact for newcomers, it was equally important to revamp it. A new IOTA website was released on 16th April 2018.

This new website is pleasing to the eyes and generally liked by most community members who shared their views on it.

Spelling Mistakes Pointed Out

Some Redditors shared their views on the new IOTA website. Most of the comments showed that people were generally happy with the new website. These were some of the comments in the thread.

“Hey, finally a nice clean site that doesn’t consume 100% of my CPU. Nice work team!”

“Has some interesting information about IOTA condensed on a single website. If anyone is unsure what IOTA is or will be about you have a good source to read now.”

YoyoDevo, on the other hand, pointed out some spelling mistakes/ typographical errors under “Academic Papers” on the “Research tab”. According to him, such errors make the publisher look “lazy or unprofessional.” The said mistakes had not been corrected at the time of writing. We can, however, cut the IOTA team some slack since the errors are minor and of little consequence or effect on the performance of the IOTA network.

Any Effect on The Price?

We had to take a look at the price because news like this tends to have a positive effect on the price of cryptocurrencies. During last year’s crazy bull market, even announcements of announcements could pump the price of some cryptocurrencies. This hasn’t been the case in the bear market that we are currently in. Well, the general rise in the price of cryptocurrencies in the last couple of days and the return of some more optimism in the space could be a signal of another upcoming bull market.

7- day chart from

IOTA Website

The news had no effect on the price of IOTA. At the time of writing, the price stood at $1.60 on coinmarketcap. The weekly chart was also not too different from the general trend of all cryptocurrencies during the same period. This could not have been a “sell the news event” either since the price did not dip by much after the release of the new website. Could this be attributed to the current bear market of cryptocurrencies? Also, what do you think of the new IOTA website? Let us know your views in the comments.

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